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Zombies are a Disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Zombies are a classic humanoid type of disaster. They will begin to spawn from the gravestones, that appear on the middle of the map, rather than the enemy spawn points. Zombies target a certain random survivor at first, however, after a few seconds, they will start chasing the nearest player instead. It is recommended to have a speed or gravity coil with you, because they can easily outrun players.

For the hyper variant, the zombies can instantly kill you, even stronger than regular. They also move slightly faster. Hyper Zombies are immune to the Doom's Touch orb effect.

Memo Information

  • Standard:

"Zombies spawn on the gravestones when they appear. Zombies have a walkspeed of 25 and damage 28 ~ 32 per hit. If they kill you, your character will turn into a zombie, attacking other survivors. The zombified version has a faster walkspeed(35)."

  • Hyper:

"Hyper Zombies are faster than the normal ones having a walkspeed of 30, and this time do 100 damage on contact. If they kill you, your character will respawn as a zombie, attacking other survivors. The zombified version has a faster walkspeed(45)."

Survival Tips

  • Make sure to use a Speed or Fusion Coil, or the Epic Katana/GM Sword if they are getting too close for comfort.
  • Zombies will infect players if they kill them, turning them into another zombie. Be wary!
  • Infected Player zombies are faster than normal zombies so be aware of that.
  • Hyper: Zombies move faster and instantly kill, the best way is to stay in a high place or near the walls. Do not attempt melee combat and use something ranged instead.
  • Pacifist: Get to higher places where the zombies can't reach you, and if possible, try to bait them off structures by luring them.


  • If a player dies by a zombie, another zombie with the name of the killed player will join the horde and chase the rest of the players.
    • The player will also receive a badge, called "One Of Them".
    • The said zombiefied player will move faster than the normal zombies.
  • The zombies spawn one by one; before, they would spawn all zombies simultaneously.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Rotten Cheeseburger gear has an effect on the Zombies, meaning that they'll still attack somebody else, if you have eaten one before the disaster starts.
  • Zombies do not appear in Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018). This is due to the fact Zombie Survival is a separate game mode, featuring such Zombies.
    • Hyper Zombies, however, are able to appear.
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