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Witch is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2. She was added in Version 41.675, as a disaster part of the Halloween 2021 Update.


Witch will let a loud and evil laugh at the very start of the round, before brewing potions on her cauldron! She will spawn near the middle of the map and not move for the round. After a moment, Witch starts throwing a group of three magical potions at random survivors, regardless of distance. There are four types of potions the Witch can throw:

  • Fire Potions: Strongest type of potion. Burns parts near the impact and deals 80 damage to survivors in range.
  • Acid Potions: Deals 50 damage to nearby survivors and acidifies parts near the impact (turns them acidic).
  • Ice Potions: Also deals 50 damage to nearby survivors, while freezing them for 2 seconds.
  • Poison Potions: Creates a poisonous gas cloud on impact, similarly to one of Hyper Black Mage's attacks. Deals 20 damage while in the area.

Disaste Memo Information

"Witch brews 4 different types of potions and will throw 3 at a time. Fire potion will deal 80 damage nearby survivors on impact, while burning breakable parts near it. Acid potion deals 50 damage nearby survivors on impact, while acidifying parts near it. Touching the acid parts will deal 7 damage. Ice potion deals 50 on impact, while freezing survivors nearby for 2 seconds. Finally, the Poison potion will create a poisonous cloud that deal 20 damage on survivors that are in it. The poisonous clouds stay up for 10 seconds."

Survival Tips

  • Always keep in mind that Witch throws three potions at a time.
  • It is wise to constantly use movement gear such as Speed Coil, Fusion Coil or Epic Katana to quickly get out of the potions' range, in case you are targetted.
  • Try to predict where the Potions will go, so you can have faster reaction time.
  • Make sure to use healing items if you get hit by the poison clouds or acidic parts. If you are frozen, be ready to use First Aid Kits.


  • It is possible to defeat the Witch, as she has 40000 health. Though, it is extremely difficult due to the short disaster duration - 30. A full server of attackers with Golden Ninja Stars is needed.
  • Witch was added as a halloween disaster along with Poltergeist.
  • Witch is the only one disaster to have had an exclusive thumbnail for its addition. It can be seen in the gallery below.


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