Winterville is a Map in Survive The Disasters 2.


Winterville takes place in a snowy village, houses reminiscent of gingerbread houses, snowy mountains, trees and candy canes. This map is focused on the festive theme.

Key Features

  • Four small houses.
  • A bigger house close to the shop, that replaces the classic ROBLOX house.
  • Christmas trees.
  • Small igloos.
  • Snowy mountains.
  • Candy canes with bowties.
  • A big christmas tree with presents nearby.
  • A big flat dirt area.
  • A frozen water pond.
  • Some snowmen around the map.


  • This map was disabled once in Version 1.29, due to no coverage protection for Thunderstorm.
    • However, it was completely remade and added back in Version 1.37.
  • In Version 1.41, Winterville was redecorated for Halloween with it being a spooky campsite theme. This theme probably inspired an upcoming map called Camp Caution.
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