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Wild West is an upcoming map in Survive The Disasters 2.


Wild West takes place in a Western Style Desert surrounded by Cactuses and Tall Canyons. It's also located in a small town.

Key Features

  • A Large Train and a Station
  • A Saloon with 2 Floors acting as the main house
  • A Bank with some hidden gold
  • Large Cactuses
  • 2 Minecarts
  • Roll-able Tumbleweeds that can be painted with the Neon Laser Gun
  • Large Canyons
  • Rock Ledges to stand on


  • Wild West is replacing Dandy Desert as the Desert type map while Dandy will be an Egyptian type of landscape while also taking the name of Panic Pyramid while it will be changed to Chaotic Chamber.
  • Wild West is the 3rd Map to be added that involves a Desert Theme.
  • Wild West is the first map in the game to have a 2-Story House.
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