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Warnings are a core mechanic in Survive The Disasters 2. Warnings are special rounds that frequently happen, usually harder variants or combinations of different disasters, used to make the game harder.


When a Warning round is about to appear, a "WARNING!!!" notice will pop up between disasters, which is accompanied by an alarm-like sound. Warnings have a 16.7% chance of occurring at any time (except after map intermissions).

The "WARNING!!!" notice that alerts the player of a Warning round.

The coin payouts from Warning rounds are multiplied depending on the Warning type chosen, as a bonus for surviving a harder than normal round. Hyper Disasters give around 1.5x as many coins as the standard variant, while Impossible Disasters give around 2x coins.

Currently, there are five (last one exclusive to Hardcore) different Warning rounds active in the game. Certain Warning types, especially some combinations in Multi-Disaster rounds, can prove to be very difficult or even impossible under some circunstances, depending on the map. Be careful!

Types of Warnings

There are three types of Warning rounds: Multi-Disasters (30%), Buffed Disaster Variants (40%) and Mystery Disasters (30%).


  • Double Trouble: Two random disasters happen at once in a single round.
  • Triple Threat: Three random disasters happen at once in a single round.
    • In Hardcore, Multi-Disasters will become Hyper Multi-Disasters (Hyper Double Trouble, Hyper Triple Threat), due to every disaster in this mode being replaced by their Hyper variant..
    • Some disasters are blacklisted from happening together, to prevent impossible combinations from happening. The list for which disasters a certain disaster can pair with can be found here (OUTDATED): [Normal/Hardcore].

Buffed Disaster Variants

  • Hyper Disaster: A tougher version of a disaster is performed in that round.
  • Impossible Disaster: Exclusive to Hardcore Mode, replacing all Hyper disasters. An even tougher version of a disaster is performed. Usually extremely difficult, but not necessarily impossible.

Mystery Disasters

Mystery Disaster.png

A random disaster is performed, however, its name is not revealed and heavy white fog surrounds the entire map, making it hard to react to the disaster's threats. The sounds of the disaster can still be heard.

So far, there are two disasters that are currently unable to be spawned from a Mystery Disaster: Pizza Dude and Volcano. Furthermore, Press The Button, as a Hyper Mystery Disaster, is blacklisted in Hardcore Mode only.

  • In Hardcore, Mystery Disasters will become Hyper Mystery Disasters, similar to how Multi-Disasters become Hyper Multi-Disasters.

Removed Warning Types

  • Quadruple Threat: Four random disasters happen at once in a single round. This was temporarily added to the normal game in Version 1.21, however, it was removed shortly after.
  • Quintuple Threat: Five random disasters happen at once in a single round. This was exclusive to the April Fools 2018 update.
  • Triple Triple Threat: Six random disasters happen at once in a single round. This was exclusive to the April Fools 2018 update.

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