Vyriss (Previously called as TheFurryFox) is a user on Roblox, YouTube, DeviantArt, and Twitter. She is the creator of the Survive The Disasters series of games on ROBLOX.


V_yriss's avatar

She first joined ROBLOX in August 27, 2009 as TheFurryFox. 3 months later, she introduced her first game, Survive the Disasters,[1] which uses the "Build to Survive" script, originally built by Ajedi32 and used in Ultimate Build to Survive game. As of August 2018, over 175 million people visited the game.

Survive the Disasters 2

On October 1st, 2014, she began developing Survive The Disasters 2,[2] a sequel to her game, which added new and improved disasters and mechanics like Double Trouble, Triple Threat, Mystery Disaster, and Hyper Disaster. She also added some gear to the original game, like the Fusion Coil and the Silver Star. The first version was a test for scripting. The first versions of the game are still available on her places list, instead of the profile page.

In 2016, she added a disaster mode to Survive the Disasters 2 called Bosses, which are similar to bosses from video games, and added Memos to have important information for each disaster. She also replaced Plane Crash with Bullet Bill due to terrorist references.

On December 30th, 2016, she completed Survive The Disasters 2 after 2 years of working on the game. She still continues to update the game until Hardcore Mode isn't released yet.

Future Projects

As said on her twitter and her roblox profile page, Vyriss plans to finish Hardcore Mode before ending the franchise, shortly thereafter she will focus on a future game called Bloxington High School. After that, she will probably quit as a roblox developer.


She have an account on YouTube as well, with 3,400+ subscribers. Her most viewed video is the Survive the Disasters 2 trailer with over 260K+ views. On her channel, she does updates about Survive The Disasters and some random videos (In majority, shitposts).


Vyriss is a artist on DeviantART, there she draw furry-related art, in addition to drawing popular characters, she also owned her original characters, one of these is Vyriss The Vixen. Her profile there is often inactive because of her projects on roblox.


  • Some people still think Vyriss is a boy, when she's actually a girl.
  • Vyriss is a furry.
  • Her name was originated from an abbreviated way of saying the word: Virus.
  • The Survive The Disasters franchise were possible because of Ajedi32's Build To Survive script.
  • Vyriss actually created a simple template for anyone who want to make a disaster game, the model is called "Disaster Kit".


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