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Volcano is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


When the disaster begins, a large Volcano will spawn in either four corners of the map, far from the map boundaries. The Volcano will start spewing lava bricks a few seconds later. The lava bricks are colored neon orange and yellow, and they melt and destroyable bricks they come in contact with, including any players. The lava bricks spewed out will only fall in a circular range, near the corner it spawns in. The lava bricks are all deliberately launched at destroyable structures and players. If a lava brick falls onto a player, their body parts will then melt, causing instant death.

For the hyper variant, the lava bricks are much larger and the volcano eruption is stronger.

Disaster Memo Description

"A huge volcano appears! Deadly brick-melting blocks are erupting from the volcano to the map. Touching those blocks is fatal. Distance yourself away from the volcano to survive."

"A huge volcano appears! Compared to the standard version, the range where the lava-blocks will fall is extended. Distance yourself away from the volcano to survive."

Survival Tips

  • Run in the opposite direction of the Volcano. Try to stay as far away as possible, as it can launch lava very far, especially its hyper variant.
  • Corners (except the one where Volcano spawns) are safe.


  • Volcano was added in Version 1.25.
  • The Volcano model used is similar to the Volcano model in Natural Disaster Survival, a game made by StickMasterLuke.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the disaster warning was renamed to “valcano”.
  • During Multi-Disaster rounds, there is a chance for a double Volcano to arrive in the combination.
    • This means that there are two Volcanoes out of the four corners of the map. Two Volcanoes can also appear in the same corner, creating a massive heap of lava bricks.
  • This disaster is blacklisted from appearing in Mystery Disaster rounds, as of Version 1.37.
  • As the lava bricks melt only the parts it comes in contact with, there is a slim chance that the player can escape death with only their limbs melted off.

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