Survive the Disasters 2 Wiki

This page details the version history of Survive The Disasters 2, with extra information about the Final Demo (excluding the hotfixes).

(Please note, this is an INCOMPLETE version history.)

  • Dates are formatted as MM/DD/YYYY

Survive The Disasters 2

Version 41.7 - 11/10/2021

Version 41.6 - 12/09/2020

  • New Disaster Rotation Event, which includes ten new Disasters, six of which originally set to be added in the upcoming Version 42:
  • Holiday themed maps and decorated disasters!
  • Presents randomly fall from the sky, worth 200 coins each.
  • Gold and Silver coins now fall from the sky, each giving a different amount of Coins.
    • Gold coin gives 100 coins.
    • Silver coin gives 50 coins.
  • You are now able to roll five Orbs at once at the Orb Gachapon.
  • Two new purchasable Developer Products:
    • 97,000 Coins, which costs 250 Robux.
    • 450,000 Coins, which costs 1000 Robux.
  • Temporary reintroduction of Green Hill Zone with a winter theme.
  • Added ability to exchange three Legendary Orbs into one random Legendary Orb.
  • Price for each spin in the Orb Gachapon has doubled.
  • Orb naming, colors and rarity have been changed.
    • Common now has 70% chance.
    • Rare is now Uncommon, green and has 20% chance.
    • Epic is now Rare, blue and has 6% chance.
    • Unique is now Epic, purple and has 2% chance.
    • Legendary is now yellow and has 1% chance.
  • The UI color is changed to green for the event.
  • The shop has received a winter theme.
  • Orbs now sell for higher prices in the Orb Gachapon.
  • Orbs are now sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Giant Zombie's grab attack is now more consistent.
  • Coin Balloon now drops more Coins.
  • Coins picked up from Coin Balloon are now shared between players.
  • Giant Zombie is no longer a Boss.
  • The Orb list no longer refreshes to the top when selling or exchanging Orbs at the Orb Gachapon.
  • For more hotfixes, click here.

Version 41.5 - 12/19/2019

  • New Disasters:
    • Doge
    • Lumberjack
  • New Hyper Disasters:
    • Avalanche
    • Dynamites
    • Overseer Soldiers
    • Lumberjack
    • Yojimbo
  • New Impossible Disasters:
    • Lumberjack
    • Dynamites
  • New badge: Dishonored.
  • 3× Vote Gamepass was made available for purchase.
  • Ranking up now awards coins to the player.
  • New map design/revamp for Spooksville.
  • New Orb: Rocket Jump
  • You can now perform a jump boost by firing a rocket under you while jumping with the Rocket Launcher.
  • The Quick Reload Orb now has a Common tier.
  • Players are now automatically awarded already-achieved survival badges if they don't already have them.
  • UFO no longer goes through cover walls.
  • Optimized code for Crossbow and Neon Laser Gun to shoot at their intended fire rates.
  • Fixed Neon Laser Gun and Crossbow not affecting Mr. Happy.
  • Corrected Neon Laser Gun and Crossbow's thumbnails.
  • Fixed an area where you couldn't throw projectiles correctly in Winterville.
  • Skeletons in Panic Pyramid no longer stand up when outside their tombs.
  • Icicles can no longer turn acid parts into ice, while acid no longer makes ice parts hurt.
  • Hyper Black Mage's fog no longer lingers after being blinded before the round ends.
  • Bloxxing Undyne properly ends the round.
  • Updated Murderers in hopes to prevent knives going through walls.
  • Fixed Hot Potato being stuck on terrain in Spooksville.
  • Fixed incorrect descriptions of discounts in the Gear Shop if you owned the VIP/Super VIP Gamepass.
  • Fixed throwing-star projectiles phasing through Cake and Hot Potato when not attacking the head.
  • Crazy Robloxian not rotating when chasing survivors is fixed.
  • The chat no longer announces when a player pulls an Epic Orb from the Orb Gachapon.
  • Explosion visual simplified.
  • X-Bomb's union part has been changed to mesh part in hopes of loading the model up quicker.
  • Hyper Aliens no longer destroy parts with their laser beams, but laser beam damage has been raised from 16 to 18. Aliens now jump more frequently as well.
  • Sandstorm duration reduced from 35 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Sandstorm damage output reworked to be more consistent. The player count no longer affects chances to be hit, and Sandstorm mechanics optimized to be less performance-heavy on server/local side.
  • Impossible UFO attack pattern changed to look like its Regular and Hyper versions.
  • Hyper Mine Spawn now auto-detonates, with a slight nerf to its explosion radius.
  • Candy Cloud was updated.
  • Clouds in Candy Cloud now blocks shurikens and raining parts from Rain disasters, while still remaining uncollidable.
  • Reaper, Black Mage and Yojimbo can now pair with themselves in Multi-disasters. This also means Reaper and Black Mage can pair with one another.
  • Reaper, Mr. Happy and Black Mage continue to attack randomly, even if there are no survivors left.
  • Survive milestones now award more coins.
  • Coin drops now give 10 coins.
  • Sandstorm was buffed.
  • Anti-Gravity Orb upgrades buffed. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) -> (1.2, 2.4, 3.6, 4.8, 6)
  • Normal and Hyper Zerg Lurker were buffed.
  • Normal and Impossible Mine Spawn were buffed.
  • Neon Laser Gun buffed. Damage was increased from 21 to 22, and the reload time was decreased from .36 to .35.
  • Alien, Reaper, Black Mage, and Hyper Mr. Happy's health were buffed.
  • Icicles and Volcano no longer pair with rising disasters (Standard and Hardcore).
  • Thunderstorm + Death Trampoline Multi-disaster combo removed (Standard and Hardcore).
  • Pizza Dude + Murderers Multi-disaster combo removed (Standard and Hardcore).
  • Mr. Happy no longer pairs with rising disasters (Hardcore).
  • Crimson theme for Spooksville has been disabled.
  • For more hotfixes, click here.

Version 41 - 10/19/2019


  • New disaster(s): Hot Potato
  • New Hyper disaster(s): Hot Potato, Mr. Happy
  • New Impossible disaster(s): UFO
  • Experimental Anti-Ghosting algorithm has been added. If the game thinks you are ghosted, you'll respawn after the round is over.
  • Pumpkin Bucket has been added to store (1 coin).
  • Most maps have been decorated for Halloween.
  • Green Hill Zone's Halloween map has been temporarily added.
  • Even more custom music composed by SkyTheFloof has been added!
  • Pacifist Mode has been merged with Standard. Pacifist Mode can be toggled OFF/ON in the menu. Playing in Pacifist Mode will award you bonuses. (2x disaster award, streak award, MVP and Last One Standing bonus). Dying in Pacifist Mode, you will not lose SR but you can gain SR by gaining streaks for your hard work. SR will be awarded twice as much if you reach streak milestone!
  • Pacifist Mode can be toggled OFF/ON in Hardcore.
  • Pacifist Streak leaderboard added for Hardcore.
  • Pacifist survivals will be merged with your standard survivals.
  • Earning badges now update your badge collection. You don't have to rejoin to update it.
  • Crazy Robloxian now has a hit sound (Smack!) when attacking players while also screaming for hot dogs.
  • Murderers now make the knife wielding sound effect upon spawning, while also making the sound louder.
  • Using RbxThumb to load avatar images now. This prevents player icons not loading in the leaderboards.
  • First Aid Kits are no longer player-collidable.
  • Reduced the amount of assets that are needed to be loaded.
  • Slight changes to Cake and Zombies's AI. They will target randomly instead of nearest for a short time.
  • Fixed UFO sometimes zooming out of map bounds.
  • Hyper Zombified players dying shortly after spawning is fixed.
  • Fixed Murderers sometimes being able to throw knives through large parts.
  • Normal Icicles now drop icicles at random positions 50% of times, while Hyper drops one nearby a player 75% of the times. Increased hit invulnerability time after touching the icicles to prevent being hit by the same icicle twice and icicles fall down a little bit slower.
  • Slowed damage tick for Normal/Hyper Green Zone by 20%.
  • Removed accidental code for Normal aliens breaking parts with their laser guns.
  • Normal/Hyper Icicles, icicles drop a little bit more frequently.
  • Removed hit invulnerability timer for Noobs.
  • Buffed Normal/Hyper Tiny Noob's health by 150% and removed hit invulnerability timer for their attacks.
  • Increased coin prizes for Daily Rewards.
  • Evil/Epic Duck's head now breaks map parts to make it easier for it to break buildings.
  • Impossible Caterdriller bury attack pattern changed to work like Hyper's and moves slightly faster.
  • Buffed Normal/Hyper Pizza Dude's pizza launch speed and accuracy to compensate for the smaller pizza hitbox change.
  • Buffed Guests for Guest Ambush walkspeed and damage. Removed hit invulnerability timer for their attacks.
  • Buffed Hyper/Impossible Ninjas' damage and walkspeed.
  • Buffed Normal/Hyper Zombies' damage and walkspeed.
  • Normal/Hyper Thieves walkspeed has been buffed.
  • Normal/Hyper Cake walkspeed and health has been buffed.
  • Normal Reaper's health and bloxxer has been buffed. His projectile attacks are also buffed.
  • Increased Hyper UFO's health from 5000 to 7500, while increasing its Blox Award from 2000 to 2250.
  • Increased no. of Shedletsky from 8 to 16, while decreasing spawn rate time. Buffed walkspeed.
  • Increased Black Mage's health from 5400 to 7800, while increasing her Blox Award from 1100 to 1400.
  • Increased Crimson Balrogs's health from 2800 to 4000, while increasing their Blox Award from 700 to 900.
  • Increased Crazy Robloxian's health from 5000 to 8000, while increasing his Blox Award from 999 to 1399. His torso now breaks map parts.
  • Increased Giant Zombie's health from 5000 to 7000, while increasing their Blox Award from 950 to 1200.
  • Increased Yojimbo's health from 5600 to 6800.
  • Increased Epic Ducks's health from 4500 to 5500, while increasing its Blox Award from 700 to 800, while increasing Hyper's from 8000 to 11000 health.

Version 40 - 9/19/2019


  • New Daily Rewards! Check in game daily to receive goods. There are 14 tiers.
  • You can now go to Pacifist/Hardcore servers from Menu without having to rejoin the game.
  • New various soundtracks composed by SkytheFloof!
  • Everyone now spawns with a Gravity Coil.
  • Shop UI redesigned to be easier to navigate.
  • Gear Randomizer no longer prompts the message saying you already own the gear and instead gives you one you don't have right away.
  • Greatly reduced rank requirements for all gars.
  • VIP now gives Rocket Launcher instead of Gravity Coil and Super VIP now replaces Gravity Coil & Rocket Launcher with Electric Ninja Stars.
  • Explosions now only kill players within the visual sphere, instead of square-like fashion. Lowered DestroyJointRadiusPercent to minimize explosions killing out of its visual.
  • Machine Madness simplified and lowered brick count for Spooksville.
  • A book stack in Home Sweet Home has been slightly heightened.
  • Death Trampoline is now visible in Candy Cloud.
  • Token Hunt A & B updated to work with the new Anti-Gravity nerf.
  • Nerfed normal Sighters damage from 24 to 20, while buffing Hyper Sighters damage from 18 to 20.
  • Players entering game modes without reaching the rank requirements to play it has been patched.
  • Patched out areas you can stand on that aren't supposed to be accessed in Castle Gardens.
  • Correctly renamed Shoop Da Whoop.
  • Fixed Sandstorm's sand particles being blocked from the bound walls.
  • Fixed lasers from Alien Invasion not damaging you if landed on an accessory.
  • Fixed memos for Sighters.
  • Anti-Gravity upgrade nerfed (2, 3, 5, 7, 9) -> (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).
  • Thunderstorm. Hyper UFO, Hyper Killbots no longer pair with rising disasters.
  • Nerfed Oil Spill oil rising speed.
  • Slightly lowered Rising Acid height limit.
  • Removed headshot damage multiplier for Aliens from Alien Invasion while increasing the invulnerability time after being hit from lasers. Hyper Aliens walkspeed slightly lowered.
  • Increased invulnerability hit time for the giant spear attacks from Hyper Undyne.
  • Anti-Grav strength mechanic removed.
  • Removed microtransaction purchase limit.

Version 39 - 4/9/2019


  • Hardcore Mode released.
  • Candy Cloud re-added with the remaster map.
  • New Disasters: Oil Spill, Green Zone, Caterdriller and Killbots.
  • New Hyper Disasters: Green Zone, Caterdriller, Killbots.
  • New Impossible Disasters: Caterdriller and Meteors.
  • New Gun: Pew Pew Gun
  • Xbox compatibility on more UI.
  • Karma Orb not applying to Reaper and Black Mage's attacks.
  • SR loss penalty behavior changed
  • Updated Impossible Pizza Dude
  • Changed Kamehameha to Neon Blaster
  • Changed Tetris disaster
  • Ringsplosion renamed to Coinsplosion
  • Ring Balloon changed to CoinBalloon.
  • No longer lose collected coins upon death.
  • Player can collect fallen coins regardless of the state you're in.
  • Collecting coins instantly give coins.
  • Few sountrack changes to most maps.
  • Frenzy Factory changed to Wacky Warehouse with remade map.
  • Sky Ruins updated.
  • Tsunami's water is now opaque to help show map pits.
  • Buffed Normal Disasters: Epic Duck and Sighters.
  • Sighters Increased damage from 18 to 24.
  • Buffed Hyper Disasters: Epic Duck, Ghosts and Meteors.
  • Slightly buffed Yojimbo's health and increased wave attack hitbox.
  • Yojimbo's unintentional random attack pattern fixed and his wave attack more frequent.
  • Buffed Neon Laser Gun damage to 21.
  • Doom's Touch now affect enemies with below 100 health.
  • Nerfed Alexnewtron's bloxxer award.
  • Metabolism orb nerfed.
  • Map Green Hill Zone is removed.
  • Chaos Emerald and Justice Unserved badge disabled.
  • Dr. Robotnik, Barrier Eggman, Hammer Eggman and Fire Breath disasters are removed.

v 1.38 - 2/11/2019


  • New Disaster: UFO
  • New Hyper Disasters: Tornado, UFO, Thunderstorm, Thieves.
  • New Impossible Disasters: Noobs, Pizza Dude, Ninjas.
  • Expansion Map: Acid Depths.
  • New inside building in City Park.
  • Hyper Disaster memo tab (unobtainable yet).
  • New look for start menu (including the mini tutorial for the first time).
  • Extra disaster tips for new players.
  • The Best Skill Rating added in your stats.
  • Assist drops (First Aid Kit) display the miniture picture of player who dropped item.
  • Added "Frozen!" status for freezing players.
  • New server tips added.
  • Battle Sword given during Tix Defense.
  • Information on damage and rate added for swords.
  • Added trails for Silver and Black stars.
  • The S-Rank raised to 200.
  • Buying gamepasses that give your gear are unobtainable.
  • Silver Ninja Stars available for non-gamepass player.
  • Badges not showing as earned in Achievements & Stats.
  • Bonus Rounds in memos are not counted as collected.
  • "Poisoned" status textured not displayed correctly
  • Slime Gun no longer randomly has triple Legendary orb particles.
  • Epic Sauce now correctly plays the drinking animation at the right time when Refiller is applied.
  • Players no longer die while map changes to prevent losing rings.
  • Visual bugs with Mr. Happy.
  • Epic Katana being able to activated by a dead player.
  • Thunderstorm, Bombers and Icicles on Winterville.
  • Winterville visual errors.
  • Frenzy Factory being laggy.
  • Blocked some areas in Sky Ruins and City Park that you aren't supposed to stand on.
  • Camera being phaseable through the floor in Spooksville.
  • Spawn misplacement in Molten Metal.
  • Explosion of Death Bomb no longer destroy parts of map.
  • Player no longer heal yourself with Mutual-Support in First Aid Kit.
  • Hyper/Normal Crimson Balrog, Rising Lava, Rising Acid, Alien Invasion, Icicles and Hyper Get Down
  • Memo descriptions updated wwith more info to disaster.
  • All damage on all swords updated.
  • Damage multiplers on sword attack animations updated to universal.
  • Pacifist mode now unlocked for D rank and above players.
  • Players will respawn after round is over if they flinging out of map bounds.
  • Castle Gardens and Galantasy updated to make all the front map visible to Kamehameha, Pizza Dude and Shoop Da Whoop.
  • Some platforms in Green Hill Zone can breakable if damaged by explosion.
  • Volume getting the Chaos Emerald lowered.
  • Atlantis soundtrack updated.
  • Updated art for Skill Ranks emblems.
  • Minor changes to disaster announcement textures.
  • Doom's Touch applies with 100 health or below but insta-kill chance increased.
  • Reconfigured some gear prices and rank requirements in the store.
  • Increased EmitterSize of Nyan Cat's SFX.
  • Hyper Crimson Balrog no longer attack through cover.
  • Bullet Bill renamed to Missile Strike.
  • Terran Ghost changed to Nuclear Bomb. No longer find and kill the ghost.
  • Pizza's hitbox is updated to be matched with Pizza Dude.
  • Kamehameha's blast hitbox changed to cylinder.
  • Hitbox for the first bottom is changed for Spiked Walls.
  • Other changes for disaster speed, health, and spawn.
  • Silver Ninja Stars DPS buffed.
  • Shurikens have a small chance a star struck on nearby player.
  • Buffed Thunderstorm from 1/4 to 1/3 hit chance.
  • Ring Balloon health increased to 14000.
  • Hyper Explosive Noob increased blast radius to 20
  • Hyper Polyhex buffed.
  • Quick Dash upgrade nerfed.
  • Cloak upgrade nerfed.
  • Electric spheres from Hyper/Normal Crimson Balrog destroy covers, but no longer phases through them.
  • Redcliff Warriors' lava wave attack now slows down and get weaker if hit breakable part, can disappear if hits unbreakable part.
  • Lowered rank requirements for gears.
  • Lowered Ego Expander effect on some bosses.
  • Barrier Eggman removed.
  • Other various themes removed to minimize copyright content in-game.

v 1.37 - 12/21/2018


  • New Map: Winterville
  • New Hyper Disasters: Death Trampoline, Pizza Dude, Pacman Ghosts, Undyne, Meteors, Rising Acid, Nyan Cat, Icicles
  • New Impossible Disasters (for Hardcore): Murderers, Guest Ambush, Death Trampoline, X-Bomb, Mine Spawn, Press The Button, Slenderman, Bullet Bill (Now replaced by Missile Strike), Kamehameha, Rising Acid, Ghosts, Zerg Lurker
  • New Orbs: Lovestrike and Mutual-Support
  • New Badges: An Unfriendly Welcome, Witch Hunter, Death's Bed, Token Hunter and Token Maniac
  • New tips added
  • You are now able to sell multiple orbs at once at Orb Exchange
  • Any local damage that you take, or have caused, or heal others or yourself, the numbers on damage indicator will appear bigger to differentiate from other player's damage or heals
  • Random Gear: You can buy a random gear for 2,000 coins in the shop regardless of its rank
  • Updated title screen with new button art
  • Implemented option to disable spawning with VIP gear and option to hide your Skill Rank
  • Added server clock. You can see how old the server is by checking Settings
  • New shop NPCs added
  • Ring Balloon now display boss HP bar
  • When there are no survivors left when fighting Giant/King Noob, it will start doing its victory dab animation
  • Nyan Cat now has audio
  • Changing music volume in Settings while the song intro playing will no longer have the song loop overlap it
  • Changing music volume in Settings will no longer replay the song from the beginning of loop
  • Fog is no longer absent when playing with low graphics
  • The green fish in Atlantis is no longer radioactive
  • Green Hill Zone's Hardcore theme containing normal Green Hill Zone textures fixed
  • Fixed transparency clipping visual in Green Hill Zone
  • Added bounds to areas you aren't supposed to stand on in Panic Pyramid
  • Hyper Reaper's homing spikey missile attacks not killing fixed
  • Fixed Hyper Coil (Gravity) Noobs flying up indefinitely
  • Fixed Ninjas' attack sometime not registering any damage
  • Improved player detection from Giant/King Noobs and Giant Zombie, as they won't continuously run on a player
  • Balanced spawn rate based on player count ratio on Hyper/Normal Guest Ambush
  • Pacman flickering fixed
  • Pacman flying up when map parts with weld surfaces are touching him fixed
  • Pacman Ghosts sometimes leaving the map is fixed
  • Press The Button's button being invisible is fixed
  • Hugging the pillars on Hammer Eggman when arrows hit you and not taking any damage is fixed
  • Slime Gun's projectile not going through user's accessories is fixed
  • Enemies with ForceField being affected by Frostbite and Venom Shank is fixed
  • Fixed Healing Staff not healing players when the strike hits their accessory or gear
  • Fixed Lightning Staff + GM Sword's lightning strike not attacking enemies when the strike hits their accessory or gear
  • Unequipping a throwing-star gear right after throwing a projectile not dealing any damage fixed
  • Mobile: Not being able to move the camera with hold-touch while wielding any throwing-star gear is fixed
  • Resetting in Token Hunt no longer can have falling body parts collect tokens
  • Wearing large hats or using swords no longer extends your hurtbox
  • Players no longer get damage spammed from 1-hit KO move after death
  • Improvement to anti-cheat detection
  • Fog combination in Multi-Disasters has been updated, now disasters with no fog will weaken the fog
  • Click hint images on shop has been redesigned to have a unique indicator
  • Token Hunt A/B map updated
  • Undyne updated
  • Thief disaster is updated while being renamed to Thieves
  • Pacman Ghosts rescripted to move with CFrame method instead of using body movers.
  • Skill Rating additional penalty loss
  • Adjusted some disaster multi-combos due to difficulty, unfairness and unfitting combos
  • Skill Rating adjustments (Silver 40, Gold 100, Platinum 300, Diamond 900, Master 2300)
  • Volcano and Pizza Dude is blacklisted from Mystery Disaster
  • Bonus Rounds now only occur after a fixed amount of rounds (28) instead of being chosen randomly
  • Acid Depths slightly teeny tiny bit expanded
  • Killing bosses in Mystery Disaster now ends the round
  • Slight buff to Giant/King Noob's explosive attack
  • Slight buff to coin payouts to Hyper Disaster, Impossible Disaster, and Multi-Disasters
  • Supporter bonus buffed by 50%
  • Token-to-Coins amount in Token Hunt has been buffed. (5, 10, 25) -> (8, 16, 32)
  • Hoops-to-Coins amount in Falling Hoops has been buffed. (10, 25, 50) -> (16,32,64)
  • Frostbite Orb chance increased from 1/5 to 1/4
  • Regen Coil heal rate nerfed from 1 second to 1.2 second
  • Extra Bandages upgrade nerfed (8, 16, 24, 32, 40) -> (5,10, 15, 20, 25)
  • Ring Balloon's health nerfed from 20,000 to 10,000. Bloxxer award remains the same
  • Pizza Dude's fire rate nerfed from 1 second to 1.2 second
  • Thunderstorm now randomly selective attacks player on the 6th strike than the 4th while also waiting 2.5 extra seconds before the first strike hits
  • Yojimbo's dash attack lowered from 100 dmg to 80 dmg
  • Ego Expander growth on Pizza Dude is significantly lowered.
  • Removed Minions
  • Removed Notifier toggle option

Version 1.36 - 8/1/2018


  • Fixed a bug where Death Bomb's chance could be rolled twice when bloxxing an enemy using Doom's Touch.
  • Fixed a bug where Venom-Shank effect can be stacked, causing the enemy to be permanently green.
  • Buffed Venom-Shank's poison chance from 1/10 to 1/4.
  • Buffed Venom-Shank damage by a bit.
  • Venom-Shank now hits twice as fast.
  • A "Poisoned!" status now display on enemies when they are affected by Venom-Shank.
  • New "Time Ban" system for cheaters.
  • Resetting or dying in Bonus Rounds no longer opts you out of round, making you capable of still bloxxing enemies and not having a red portrait.
  • Survivals and Total Rounds played are not added in Bonus rounds.
  • Hyper Coil Noobs spawning normal Coil Noobs fixed.
  • Bonus Rounds no longer occur in Mystery Disaster.
  • Icicles, Fire Breath and Hyper Black Mage buffed.
  • Orb balances (Frostbite,Death Bomb, Ego Expander, Cloak, Metabolism).
  • New "Supporter" bonus for healing allies.
  • Intermission time shortened to 60 seconds from previous 75.
  • Redcliff Warriors and Overseer Soldiers attacking even whey they died fixed.
  • Fixed Ringsplosion Orbs making very loud ring loss sound effect.
  • Ranged weapons damage nerfs:
  • For Version 1.365, click here.

Version 1.35 - 7/22/2018


Changes and Fixes:

  • Cake being able to damage you when its health is 0 fixed.
  • Murderers being able to throw knives after being bloxxed fixed.
  • Other humanoid disasters being able to damage you after being bloxxed fixed.
  • Icicles not spawning sometimes fixed.
  • Forgotten Hyper Redcliff Warriors added in index.
  • Fixed when gear images in shop go crazy when navigating too fast.
  • Few Orb upgrade balances (Quick Dash, Flame Tongue, Critical Aim and Bosshunter).
  • Swords no longer have weight as Arthur's Sword upgrade affects character physics.
  • Explosions will now do 100 damage when you're in its range (This is added in hopes that 'ghosting' glitch will occur less).
  • Murderers now spawn 4 murderers instead of 3.
  • Murderers health increased from 400 to 600.
  • Sighters damage buffed from 16 to 18.
  • Hyper Press the Button kill area spawn time increased from 3 seconds to 4.

Version 1.34 - 7/2/2018


  • Its own badge was also added, like other skill ranks.

Changes and Fixes:

  • Crimson map theme for Moonbase and Spooksville have been moved to Hardcore, which means they will now not appear in normal game.
  • Changes to some disasters.
  • Slight adjustments with skill rating threshold (Silver: 45, Gold: 130, Platinum: 330, Diamond: 930, Master: 2330).
  • Streaks will no longer be added or deducted on Bonus Rounds.
  • Molten Metal was updated.
  • Guest Ambush and Tornado were updated.
  • Buffed lower tier weapon DPS.
  • Slight buff on Gravity Coil and Fusion Coil.
  • Set AmbientReverb back to NoReverb, to remove unnecessary echo with game audio.

Version 1.33- 6/18/2018


Changes and Fixes:

  • Some AI disasters now jump if there is something blocking them
  • Gravity Coil and Fusion Coil now has an Anti-Gravity strength bar. Jumping too many times will lower the strength of the coil. Not using coil or not jumping too much will replenish the power
  • Hyper Disaster coins are now multiplied by 1.5 by normal disaster coins, while Impossible Disaster multiplied by 2.
  • Gamepasses are no longer give you same gear multiple times.
  • Fixed graphical bug where some text labels won't show.

Version 1.32- 6/11/2018


  • New Hyper DisastersAlien InvasionPolyhex and Soccer Balls.
  • Server now announces some general tips and when player obtains an Epic or a higher tier orb.
  • The buttons on "Achievements & Stats" menu now function, showing all badges you've collected or haven't collected.

Changes, Fixes, Buffs, Nerfs and Removals:

  • Fog fading is now client-sided
  • Coin purchase limit will be increased to 25.
  • Hit detection in Alien Invasion will be improved. 
  • An unnecessary particle when taking damage from aliens will be removed (for low health). 
  • Nerfed Hyper Press The Button.
  • Fixed bug where players can buy the same gear multiple times
  • Giant Zombie's walkspeed and goo buffed.
  • Excessive particles are reduced on electrical wires in Frenzy Factory
  • There is a chance an explosion will delete parts.
  • Fixed Zerg Lurker for not attacking grounded players when nearest target is away from its vertical.
  • Other fixes to prevent shop NPC's from being bloxxed.

Version 1.31 - 4/10/2018


Changes and Fixes:

  • Stonetroid can now lose health.
  • Mr. Happy was updated.
  • Orb Gachapon spin price reduced to 500.
  • Gachapon orbs chances changed.

Version 1.30 - 2/12/2018


  • New game mode: Pacifist (for C rank players only)
  • Global Leaderboard for Highest Streak in Pacifist mode.
  • New badges: Skill ranks and survival streak for Pacifist.
  • Added more information in Achievement & Stats (Pacifist and Hardcore survivals, Highest Streak and Rounds played, including skill rating)
  • Fusion Coil now S-rank gear replaced with Game Master's Coil. No changes for the gamepass.

Changes, Fixes and Buffs:

  • Memos displayed in alphabetical order. Including the memos that is not collected.
  • Memos descriptions changes.
  • Fixed and Nerfed disasters: Flash Flood, Thunderstorm, Mr. Happy and Raining Tacos.
  • Fixed shop GUIs moving to odd position.
  • Removed cool-down opening Global Leaderboard, as usernames load faster.
  • Auto Heal upgrade increased to 1.5 seconds
  • Ring Balloon fixed.
  • Skill ranks requirements changes.
  • Disaster award balances.
  • Removed forgotten leaderboard timer for Pacifist mode.

Version 1.29 - 2/6/2018


  • Returning UI Scale option.
  • Skill ranks added to your performance.
  • 2 new songs added to Moonbase (Morning themed)

Changes and fixes:

Version 1.28 - 1/26/2018


  • Common orb added (Damage Boost).
  • Neon Laser Gun added to the shop.
  • New songs added to Galantasy (Pink & Purple themed) and Dandy Desert (Daytime).
  • Delay added between removing orb upgrade and pressing Yes to prevent players deleting their upgrade.

Fixes, Changes, Buffs and Nerfs:

  • Changes background maps: Castle Gardens provide new features, while Plastic Palace and Dandy Desert provide shelters and new features.
  • Critical Aim buffed and Damage Boost nerfed. Headshots awarded more than bodyshots.
  • Take Aim and Enemy Experience badges updated to make easier to obtain.
  • Epic Katana's dash walkspeed and Quick Dash upgrade nerfed.
  • Epic Sauce's duration increased to 6 seconds, while reload time increased to 12 seconds.
  • Shadow Ninja Stars and Golden Ninja Stars cost reduced.

Version 1.27 - 1/22/2018


Changes and Fixes:

Version 1.26 - 1/16/2018


Changes and fixes:

v 1.25 - 12/20/2017


Changes and Fixes:

  • GUI map changes changed
  • Some disasters changes and polish
  • Conveyor belts animation added in Machine Madness.
  • Some disasters including gears have christmas themed.
  • New platforms added in Atlantis.
  • Christmas themed map: Green Hill Zone and City Park.
  • Intermission time increased to 75 seconds.
  • Changes gear cost in the shop.

Version 1.24- 11/01/2017



  • First Aid Kit aim fixed
  • "GO" Sign in Token Hunt fixed finally
  • Fixed neon bricks being impossible to see in fog
  • Giant Zombie is now a boss
  • Hyper Illumina now has bloxxer points
  • Big Head Orb renamed to Ego Expander
  • Ego Expander is now less extreme on some enemies
  • Mist particles improved in Spooksville


Version 1.23 - 10/06/2017

Version 1.22 - 9/12/2017

Version 1.21 - 6/13/2017

Version 1.20 - 4/2/2017

  • Game Master Coil and Game Master Stars have been added to shop
  • "Frenzy Factory" is now an official map (others still need to be optimized)
  • Shop items prices reduced
  • EXP requirements greatly reduced
  • "Ego Expander 2400" orb is now an official orb, renamed to "Big Head"
  • Gachapon spin price reduced from 1500 to 1000 coins
  • Save data returned

Version 1.19 - 3/18/2017

  • Spiked Walls no longer push debris into the center
  • Spiked Walls now have correct hitboxes
  • Streak rewards increased:
    • 150x: 10,000 > 15,000 Coins
    • 200x: 10,000 > 20,000 Coins
    • 250x: 10,000 > 25,000 Coins

Version 1.18 - 3/10/2017

Both Fire Breath nerfs apply to the Hyper version.

Version 1.17 - 3/8/2017

Version 1.16 - 3/5/2017

  • Shop item prices greatly reduced
  • EXP requirements reduced

Version 1.15 - 2/12/2017

  • New Disaster: Stonetroid
  • Exp curve reduced by 20%
  • Shop item prices reduced
  • You now spawn with gamepass items
  • Rank requirements reverted
  • Game Master's Sword and Epic Katana dash speed buffed

Version 1.14 - 2/9/2017

Version 1.13 - 2/7/2017

  • 9 extra levels for S-Rank added (S.II, S.III, S.IV etc)
  • Rank requirements for all gear removed
  • Super VIP now discounts 50% instead of 30%
  • Game Master's Sword pass now discounts 70% instead of 50%
  • "ASTERIA - Welcome to ChewChew Island" song added to Candy Cloud
  • Fixed leaderboard toggle

Version 1.12 - 2/6/2017

Version 1.0.9 - 1/5/2017

  • Auto-save fixed
  • "Ghost orb" from rolling Gachapon fixed
  • Hyper Bullet Bill (Now replaced by Missile Strike) added
  • Bullet Bill memo added
  • Buffed Hyper Reaper
  • Buffed Sighters and Hyper Sighters
  • Microtransactions enabled
  • Upgrades nerfed. Upgrades may need more nerfing.

Version 1.0.5 - 1/3/2017

  • Fusion Coil is now upgradable with ONLY Speedy Coil and Anti-Gravity
  • Global Leaderboard disabled for now
  • Player Points added!

Version 1.0.0 - 12/30/2016

  • Game Released!

Survive The Disasters 2 (Final Demo)

[ 12/22/16 ]

  • Plane Crash replaced with Bullet Bill
  • Fixed Acid Rain
  • Fixed Robbed award when losing
  • Fixed music silence when Last One Standing or Cruel Defeat occurs
  • Reaper Balrog's projectile now uses CFrame method, instead of laggy body movers that results in unfair deaths
  • Shuriken gears should hit targets more consistently

[ 12/15/16 ]

  • Data reset!
  • Hyper Terran Ghost, Ghosts, and Flash Flood
  • Enemies reward more coins
  • Gear cost increased
  • Applying upgrades increase gear cost
  • VIP now discounts 25%, Super VIP; 50%, GM Sword; 25%
  • Meteor Disaster fix
  • Brand new EXP system for ranking up
  • Critical Aim upgrade implemented
  • Dark Touch and Invinicibility upgrades removed
  • Black Ninja Stars finally loads upgrades, instead of Electric Ninja Stars!
  • Deleting upgrade slots
  • Exchange system for trading orbs for higher tier

[ 9/17/16 ]

  • HOME SWEET HOME map added
  • CHRISTMAS map replaced with new WINTERVILLE map

[ 6/9/2016 ]

  • Change: You can only have S-Rank when you have over 1K survivals
  • Your rank depends on your Survival Rate, while having more survivals boosts your score.

[ 6/7/2016 ]

  • Stat reset. Expect more...
  • Rank is now based on your Survival Rate and Total Survivals (Your rank now determines your skill!)

[ 4/11/2016 ]

  • Under the mute button displays current song playing
  • Removed damaged health on respawn
  • Changes to Test Map music

[ 4/2/2016] Play this version

  • It's Back!

[ 3/23/2016 ]

  • Random updates on random stuff

[ 3/20/2016 ]

  • Pizza gear added
  • New Moonbase map themes added
  • Gaster Blasters updated
  • A new Triple Threat combo along with 4 new Double Trouble (See Danger Modes) combos
  • New theme for Checkers map
  • Mute button fixed
  • Disasters no longer repeat in a map
  • Forest map updated a bit

[ 3/17/2016 ]

  • Respawning will leave you with 50 health
  • Other disaster buffs and nerfs
  • Damage applied by being close to explosions (Fire Breath and Time Bombs)
  • Gears and price balance and tweaks (Food gears properly heal now)

(Healing and taking damage will be more crucial in this game)

[ 3/14/2016 ]

  • 'Zombies' buffed
  • 'Alien Invasion' updated
  • New custom leaderboard (WIP)

[ 3/7/2016 ]

  • Made corrupter less noisy (corrupter disabled for now)
  • Acid Rain updated

[ 8/12/2015 ]

  • Multiplier resetting fixed in Minigames (new servers)
  • Minigames are now a chosen chance along with other danger modes, so gameplay does not get repetitive

[ 7/30/2015 ]

  • More theme songs for Triple Threat and Double Trouble
  • More Triple Threat and Double Trouble combos

[ 7/14/2015 ]

  • Fixed Acid Rain
  • Patched 'Invincible' wall for Barrier Eggman
  • Acid Rain cover reliability in Galaxy and Green Hill Zone map
  • New theme for Galaxy map!
  • Galaxy map updated
  • Ninja Stars no longer triggers Illumina
  • NEW Minigame! Tix Defense!
  • All VIP items are now discounted by 50%, instead of 30%
  • Super VIP now discounts Epic Katana
  • Silver Ninja Star now discounts Ninja Stars
  • Ninja Stars buffed

[ 7/10/2015 ]

  • Token Hunt B is less hazardous
  • Updated Moonbase map
  • Ninja Stars buffed
  • Hyper Barrier Eggman and Hyper Bombers give correct amount of coins

[ 7/8/2015 ]

  • Fixed disconnecting issues with Hammer Eggman and Barrier Eggman
  • There are now semi-final rounds. Semi-final rounds will either choose Triple Threat, Double Trouble, Mystery Disaster or Hyper Disaster. Final rounds will always be minigames!

[ 7/3/2015 ]

  • Minigame Mode
  • Minigame: Token Hunt A & B
  • New damage mechanic! You will not be damaged multiple times when touching a hitbox/projectile. Damage cooldown is a second. (i.e Hammer Eggman's Arrow, Spikes in Token Hunts)
  • Improved 'cover' mechanic for Acid Rain. (only Atlantis map you can be safe from Acid Rain, so far) More survival reliability.
  • Green Hill Zone map from Disasters One (later will be revamped), Green Grove map removed
  • Raining Tacos, Shoop Da Whoop, Time Bombs, Bomber, Shurikens as new disasters!
  • Double Trouble mode.

[ 5/6/2015 ]

  • Hyper Disaster: 'Missile Launcher'
  • Hyper Disaster: 'Barrier Eggman' nerfed

[ 4/30/2015 ]

  • Final Multiplier bonus
  • New combo for 'Tetris'

[ 4/24/2015 ]

  • New Tripe Threat: Missile Launcher, Meteors, and Dynamites
  • New Map: Moonbase
  • Fire Breath's missile explosion radius is now 4 studs instead of 5. Gives 37 coins instead of 32.
  • Hyper Fire Breath shoots 6 missiles instead of 7. Fire rate lowered.
  • Side achievements that give you extra coins (Last One Standing, Teamwork Triumph, The Fool, Cruel Defeat)
  • New Disaster: X-Bomb (Smash 4/Kid Icarus)
  • New Disaster: Ghosts (Pacman)
  • New Disaster: Fire Breath (Knuckle's Angel Island Act 1 Boss)
  • New Mode: Hyper Disaster
  • New Gear: Ninja Star

[ 4/15/2015 ]

  • All prices have been lowered, and RANK / upgrade powerups have been nerfed.

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