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Version 42 (known officially as V42) is an upcoming update to Survive The Disasters 2. Its release date is unknown. It will be the final and largest content update to the game.

New Content


8 new Impossible Disasters have been confirmed for V42.

One unused boss was created for V42 and played during testing.


Five new maps have been confirmed for V42.


Nine new Gears have been confirmed for V42.


Seven new songs have been confirmed for V42, with most of them being composed by SkyTheFloof.


Over four new Orbs have been confirmed for V42.

  • God Hand[!]
    • Legendary: Inflict 500% damage on enemies with a max health over 1000 with any melee weapon.
  • Builder (for Trowel)
  • Giant Star
  • Double Throw


Other new features have been confirmed for V42 as well.

  • Weapon skins. These are purely cosmetic and will be new meshes applied to the base gear, with particle effects, sound effects, etc.
  • Bosses now drop collectible Coins and Orbs when defeated.
  • In-game server lists for Hardcore Mode will be added.

Changes and Fixes

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