Survive the Disasters 2 Wiki

Version 41.7 was an update for Survive The Disasters 2, released on November 10th, 2021.

What's New

  • Seven disasters have received a major update, ported from the still upcoming Version 42:
    • Doge: Minor changes.
    • Epic Duck: Now drops smaller ducks on the floor that deal damage on contact.
    • Crimson Balrog: Hyper variant now has two Crimson Balrogs, instead of one. Attacks nerfed.
    • Alexnewtron: No longer classified as a boss. Given a major speed and damage buff.
    • Wolven Footsoldier: Animations revamped and attacks buffed. New Hyper Wolven Footsoldier added.
    • Tetris: Pieces slowly fall down and are no longer a raining disaster. They now behave like the old Tetris, except in 3D.
    • Killbots: Killbot count reduced to 2, but are much bigger in size. They now constantly move around and have their targetting system changed to random rather than closest. Missile projectiles buffed with a bigger explosive radius.
  • Boss drops are now enabled for all boss type disasters. Enemies affected by this change will now drop coins and orbs when defeated. This includes mini-bosses like Epic Duck and disasters with more than 300 HP, such as Illumina, Hot Potato and Murderers.

What's Changed

  • Witch updated to aim more accurately to targets that are elevated.
  • Increased brightness for the night theme of Home Sweet Home.
  • Spatial Voice feature enabled for players.
  • Other bug fixes.


V41.701 Hotfix

Version 41.71

What's New

  • Simplified Castle Gardens.
  • Updated the Gear Shop model.
  • New explosion behavior from V42.
  • New health bar from V42.
  • Polishes made to player portraits in player list gui.
  • Memo for Cactoball added.
  • Other improvements.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed Hyper Yojimbo not dropping boss loot.
  • Fixed Killbots' memo information.
  • Fixed Coinsplosion orb upgrade.
  • Player list gui now properly scales when resolution is updated.

What's Buffed

  • Buffed Supporter bonus multiplier from 60% to 120%.
  • Buffed Coinsplosion orb coin drop chance from 33% to 100%.

What's Nerfed

  • Coins dropped from Coinsplosion now clears itself after 6 seconds.
  • Nerfed Barrel Boy's barrel rolling speed from 8 to 7.
  • Nerfed Cactoball's spikeball spike length from 80 to 64.
  • Pacifist coin/exp/sr multiplier has been nerfed from 100% to 80%.
  • Pacifist no longer multiplies MVP award.

Version 41.72

What's New

What's Fixed

  • Fixed what may be causing Gui's memory garbage to build up.
  • Fixed Missile Launcher's explosions.
  • Fixed Hyper Yojimbo's kunai explosions.

What's Changed

  • Reconfigured Robux prices for coins to be slightly cheaper.

What's Nerfed

  • Hyper Killbots' explosive radius nerfed from 24 to 18.

Version 41.73

  • Memos are now a spherical hitbox, and are much easier to collect upon contact.
  • Memo collecting sound has been changed and no longer is global.
  • Memos no longer uses a predetermined position where it'll stop and now move based on empty space under it using RayCast. (This will ensure memos will no longer be stuck in air)
  • Memo appearance and movement have been changed. (basically ported V42 memo behavior)
  • Memos now expire after a minute if left uncollected.
  • MessagingService has been added to game to display warn messages and other announcements before server shutdown.
  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Doomsday Zone has been removed from boss themes since it is taken down by Roblox.

Hotfix V41.731

  • Fixed oddities with bloxxer when an enemy is inflicted by non-player damage (explosions) causing bloxxer payouts to be incorrect/bugged. This should fix the Yojimbo problem.

Hotfix V41.732

  • This patch has Soundscape's property RespectFilteringEnabled toggled on to prevent exploiters from being obnoxious with sound effects.
  • An exploit related to the First Aid Kit has also been addressed, dropped med kits no longer linger when the tool's parent goes missing.
  • Neon Blaster now has a new charging sound effect (put together by Mina!), along with a new blast sound taken from V42's Neon Blaster.

Version 41.74

  • Candy Cloud now has SkyTheFloof's theme, replacing ASTERIA's Chu Chu Island.
  • Both of Home Sweet Home themes now have Sky's themes.
  • Mystery Disaster theme is now replaced with Sky's.
  • Both of City Park themes now have Sky's themes.
  • Galantasy (Normal) now have Sky's theme.
  • Molten Metal (Normal) now have Sky's theme.
  • Machine Madness (Purple) now have Sky's theme.
  • Sky's Dandy Desert theme is now included in the sunset theme, replacing Oil Ocean.
  • Sky's Hyper Disaster theme song's loop now includes the intro at the end.
  • Other audio removals/added audios.
  • Fixed Neon Trooper's final attack charge sound.

Hotfix V41.741

  • Healing Staff no longer uses BodyVelocity on server and instead uses a hidden position for where the bullet travels through, so exploiters cannot control the bullets.
  • The bullet now appears on client to make it look smoother to compensate for the change above.
  • Healing radius was buffed from 10 to 12 studs.
  • Healing bullet can only heal once by touch, instead of being able to be healed after .3 seconds by touching it repeatedly. However, the sizing of the bullet is doubled. (This does not cancel repeated ranged healing)

Hotfix V41.742

  • The healing radius again is now buffed from 12 to 16 studs.

Version 41.75

  • Healing Staff's orb no longer heal by touching the orb itself, but the tick time to heal has been reduced from .3 to .25. Lightning shock effect now fades away like it should, and the orb size is reduced to lessen visual clutter. Bullet now clears after 5 seconds rather than 8, since by 5 seconds the bullet would leave the map.

Hotfix V41.751

  • Lightning Staff now carries the same code as healing staff, but for the most part still have its base stats. If there are any improvements with the healing staff, this will apply as well.
  • Lightning Staff range is adjusted to match previous region with magnitude. (Spherical hits rather than box)
  • Lightning Staff base damage increased from 9 to 10 to compensate for removing touch on hit. (I've done some tests with DPS and amount of hits, may do more tests since only tested in certain circumstances)
  • Healing Staff range detection is improved further and should hit even more consistently.
  • Overall code should be less expensive on the server side, hopefully .