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Version 41 was an update for Survive the Disasters 2, released on October 19, 2019.



  • Gave Crazy Robloxian sound.
  • Gave Murderers a sound effect upon spawning, and made their kill sounds louder.
  • First Aid Kits no longer collide with players.
  • Reduced the amount of assets that are needed to be loaded.
  • Slight changes were made to Cake and Zombies's AI: they now target random players, rather than players closest to them.


  • Fixed player avatars not showing up in the leaderboard.
  • Fixed UFO sometimes zooming out of map bounds.
  • Fixed players infected by Hyper Zombies dying shortly after spawning.
  • Fixed Murderers sometimes being able to throw knives through large parts.


  • Icicles was nerfed:
    • Normal Icicles now drop onto random areas of the map at a 50% chance, while Hyper Icicles now drop onto players at a 75% chance.
    • Increased hit invulnerability time after touching an icicle to prevent being hit by the same icicle twice.
    • Icicles fall down a little bit slower.
  • Slowed damage tick for Green Zone by 20%.
  • Removed accidental code for Alien Invasion breaking parts with their laser guns.


  • Normal and Hyper Icicles drop a little bit more frequently.
  • Removed hit invulnerability timer for Noobs.
  • Buffed Normal and Hyper Tiny Noobs' health by 150% and removed hit invulnerability timer for their attacks.
  • Increased coin prizes for Daily Rewards.
  • Normal and Hyper Epic Duck's head now breaks map parts to make it easier for it to break buildings.
  • Impossible Caterdriller's bury attack pattern was changed to work the same was as its Hyper version. It also moves slightly faster.
  • Buffed Normal and Hyper Pizza Dude's pizza launch speed and accuracy to compensate for the smaller pizza hitbox change.
  • Buffed Guest Ambush's walkspeed and damage and removed hit invulnerability timer for their attacks.
  • Buffed Hyper and Impossible Ninjas' damage and walkspeed.
  • Buffed Normal and Hyper Zombies' damage and walkspeed.
  • Buffed Normal and Hyper Thieves walkspeed.
  • Buffed Normal and Hyper Cake's walkspeed and health.
  • Buffed Normal Reaper's health, and Bloxxer bonus, and projectile attacks.
  • Increased Hyper UFO's health from 5000 to 7500, and its Bloxxer Award from 2000 to 2250.
  • Increased number of Shedletskys from 8 to 16, while decreasing spawn rate time. Also buffed walkspeed.
  • Increased Black Mage's health from 5400 to 7800, and her Bloxxer Award from 1100 to 1400.
  • Increased Crimson Balrog's health from 2800 to 4000, and their Bloxxer Award from 700 to 900.
  • Increased Crazy Robloxian's health from 5000 to 8000, and his Bloxxer Award from 999 to 1399. His torso now breaks map parts.
  • Increased Giant Zombie's health from 5000 to 7000, and its Bloxxer Award from 950 to 1200.
  • Increased Yojimbo's health from 5600 to 6800.
  • Increased Epic Duck's health from 4500 to 5500, and its Bloxxer Award from 700 to 800.
  • Increased Hyper Epic Duck's health from 8000 to 11000.
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