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Version 40 was an update for Survive The Disasters 2, released on 9/19/2019.


  • New Daily Rewards! Check in game daily to receive goods. There are 14 tiers.
  • You can now go to Pacifist/Hardcore servers from Menu without having to rejoin the game.
  • New various soundtracks composed by SkytheFloof!
  • Everyone now spawns with a Gravity Coil.
  • Shop UI redesigned to be easier to navigate.



  • Players entering game modes without reaching the rank requirements to play it has been patched.
  • Patched out areas you can stand on that aren't supposed to be accessed in Castle Gardens.
  • Correctly renamed Shoop Da Whoop.
  • Fixed Sandstorm's sand particles being blocked from the bound walls.
  • Fixed lasers from Alien Invasion not damaging you if landed on an accessory.
  • Fixed memos for Sighters.



  • Anti-Gravity strength mechanic removed.
  • Removed microtransaction purchase limit.
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