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Version 1.36 was an update for Survive The Disasters 2, released on August 2, 2018.


  • Fixed a bug where Death Bomb's chance could be rolled twice when bloxxing an enemy using Doom's Touch.
  • Fixed a bug where Venom-Shank effect can be stacked, causing the enemy to be permanently green.
  • Buffed Venom-Shank's poison chance from 1/10 to 1/4.
  • Buffed Venom-Shank damage by a bit.
  • Venom-Shank now hits twice as fast.
  • A "Poisoned!" status now display on enemies when they are affected by Venom-Shank.
  • New "Time Ban" system for cheaters.
  • Resetting or dying in Bonus Rounds no longer opts you out of round, making you capable of still bloxxing enemies and not having a red portrait.
  • Survivals and Total Rounds played are not added in Bonus rounds.
  • Hyper Coil Noobs spawning normal Coil Noobs fixed.
  • Bonus Rounds no longer occur in Mystery Disaster.
  • Icicles ,Fire Breath and Hyper Black Mage buffed.
  • Orb balances (Frostbite,Death Bomb, Ego Expander, Cloak, Metabolism).
  • New "Supporter" bonus for healing allies.
  • Intermission time shortened to 60 seconds from previous 75.
  • Redcliff Warriors and Overseer Soldiers attacking even whey they died fixed.
  • Fixed Ringsplosion Orbs making very loud ring loss sound effect.
  • Ranged weapons damage nerfs:
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