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Version 1.26 was an update for Survive The Disasters 2, released on January 16, 2018.

As a result of a critical bug related to EXP, the game was temporarily closed after only a few hours of being released to the public. It reopened the following day updated to Version 1.265.


Changes and fixes

  • Slenderman, Zombies, Murderers, Shurikens, Hyper Reaper, Undyne, Nyan Cat, and Alien Invasion were buffed.
  • The UI scale is now universal. The in-game UI size will fit the best medium, as the scaling option is obsolete (this will probably be changed in future versions).
  • Bosses' health GUI are properly spaced above their heads.
    • There are some giant non-boss enemies whose GUIs were spaced as well (such as Crazy Robloxian).
  • The Darkheart is no longer able to absorb health from a dead enemy.

Hardcore Mode

Version 1.265

Changes and Fixes

  • The Cruel Defeat Achievement no longer shows double negative signs.
  • The Healing Staff no longer uses Lightning Staff orb's upgrades.
  • Stonetroid's kill award text was fixed.
  • The correct rank is now displayed in the Achievements and Stats menu when you are Rank S10.
  • The EXP system was rewritten. As a result of some EXP nerfs, players' Ranks may be higher than before the update.
  • The Cruel Defeat Achievement now takes away less Coins.
  • Noobs and Tiny Noobs are optimized.
  • The Cake Disaster was buffed.
  • The Epic Sauce's spinning effect was removed.
  • Skateboards were temporarily removed from the Gear Shop.
  • Various fixes and changes.


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