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The update changelog

Version 1.25 is a update for Survive The Disasters 2. Originally planned to be released on December 20, 2017, it was delayed thrice, first to December 23, 2017, then to December 24, 2017, and finally to December 28, 2017, for bug fixes. Like Version 1.23, it is a special themed update that instead celebrates Christmas.


  • A new disaster called Volcano was added.
  • Volcano, Giant Noob, Ninjas, Sandstorm and Zombies received Hyper versions.
  • A shop notification will pop up when a Gear Shop item can be purchased. This can be disabled in the Settings menu.
  • Collision between players was removed to allow for less cumbersome navigation.
  • A snow-like particle has been added, which falls from the sky in all maps.
  • A "Boss Battle" message will appear under the disaster name when it is announced.
    • Defeating the boss will automatically end the round.

Changes and fixes

  • The GUI for map changes will be changed.
  • Some Disasters changes and polish.
  • Conveyor belts now animate with the new beam particle in Machine Madness.
  • New platforms were added in Atlantis.
  • Some disasters and gears are now Christmas-themed.
    • Noobs wore Santa Claus hats.
    • Giant Noob's model was changed to a Santa Claus model.
    • Polyhex threw explosive gifts.
  • Select maps became Christmas-themed, including Green Hill Zone and City Park.
  • Defeating a boss on the last round no longer skips the map vote process.
  • Defeating one of multiple bosses no longer ends the round.
  • Fixed the camera view during 2D Disasters.
  • Fixed the camera so that won't see yourself in 2D Disasters.
  • The initial intermission upon entering a new Map was increased by 15 seconds.
  • The initial intermission name was changed from "Intermission" to "Break Time".
  • Game Master Coil now costs 3200 coins (200 more).

Glitches and bugs

  • In an earlier version of the update, everytime players kill a boss moments before stage vote, map will change instantly instead of letting players vote. This was fixed prior to the update's official release.
  • Debris deals 75 damage in Sandstorm.


  • Holiday Discount: Orb Gachapon spins are 20% off, and Double Coins Gamepass Item is 25% off. Ended on January 1, 2018.