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Version 1.24 was an update for Survive The Disasters 2. It was released on 11/01/2017.


Changes and fixes

  • Invisible particle part moved in Spooksville (purple and crimson theme) for proper aiming with ranged gears
  • Spooksville mist particles brightened
  • Tix Defense tix bag health nerfed from 1500 to 1250
  • Teamwork Triumph reward nerfed
  • Transparent neon bricks being un-seable on foreground in fog fixed
  • "GO" sign in Token Hunt finally fixed
  • Giant Zombie is now a boss
  • The "Illumina man" from Hyper Illumina now has a Bloxxer award
  • Big Head upgrade renamed to "Ego Expander"
  • Ego Expander is now less extreme on some enemies (i.e: Giant Noob's head increases more in comparison to Reaper)
  • First Aid aiming in one direction fixed
  • Memo changes



  • Ego Expander (named Big Head prior to this update) was called Ego Expander 3000 in the April Fools update, the update that added the Orb.
  • When Vyriss launched the update, they updated the wrong game. This was fixed moments later.
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