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UFO is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


A UFO will appear in the center of the map. It'll fire its green laser beam from time to time. When it fires, it's move across the map heading toward players.

For the hyper counterpart, the UFO's beam is slightly bigger and travels a lot quicker. It also has more health.
For the impossible counterpart, the UFO charges up its beam only once, and repeatedly targets players, without breaks to reposition itself.

Disaster Memo Information

"An unidentified flying object appears! The UFO will reposition itself and then attack. It'll try to move to a random player when the beam is active. The beam is a one-hit kill move. When you see it approaching, quickly move away! It also destroys breakable parts when it reaches its destination."

"Comparing to the standard UFO, this one moves faster and is slightly bigger with a slightly bigger laser beam."

Survival Tips

  • Continuously move out of the way of the UFO to avoid getting killed.
  • Do not try to hide in a corner, stand still or stay near the sides of the map. The UFO can go out of the side of the map and through terrain to kill you.
  • Stay in a wide and open area to predict the UFO's path and avoid it safely.
  • Always keep sight of the UFO. Losing sight of it means you don't know where it will go, increasing the chances of you ending in a wipeout.
  • Seek higher ground to get a better view of the UFO, note you are not immune to it if you are on higher ground.
  • Hyper: The UFO is bigger and a wider laser beam.
  • Impossible: When UFO attacks, it doesnt stop attacking, the laser stays out for the entire duration as it moves to other places too.


  • Vyriss created their own audio to input sound effects for the UFO. These are the samples of Audio: ufo beam ufo2
  • When killed, the wreckage of the UFO will explode repeatedly and bounce around the map.
  • If there are no survivors left, UFO will completely despawn after making a reverse noise of when the disaster starts.
  • According to Vyriss, UFO was originally planned to wear a santa hat for Version 41.5, but never came to be, due to the hat bugging out. -Quoted from Vyriss: "i tried giving ufo xmas hat" "didn't work"
  • As of Version 41, Hyper UFO's health was increased from 5000 to 7500.
  • UFO is a mini-boss and can drop loot (coins and orbs) if killed.



UFO Reveal Clip

The disaster reveal clip found in STD2's Twitter.

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