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Tsunami is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


A huge wave approaches the map! It'll come from any direction and travel to the opposite side, being fatal upon contact. Hugging the map walls is safe against the Tsunami, as the wave does not fully cover them on the sides.

For the hyper counterpart, Tsunami behaves similarly to the standard Tsunami, except the wave never shrinks while it flows. It also has a considerably faster speed.
For the impossible variant, the Tsunami is much taller and travels quicker. The sides are now patched, making it harder to survive without a movement item.

Disaster Memo Information

"Tsunami can appear in any direction. The tsunami slightly levels downward as it moves across the map. If you are elevated high enough, you can survive it no problem. With no ground to stand, it's probably wise to have a Gravity Coil with you."

"Tsunami can appear in any direction. Comparing to the standard Tsunami, this one does not level downwards. It also moves faster. If you are elevated high enough, you can survive it no problem. With no ground to stand, it's probably wise to have a Gravity Coil with you."

Survival Tips

  • Stay on high places, such as the house.
    • Do not attempt to ride out the Tsunami on any unstable structure, as the Tsunami will carry it and possibly kill you.
  • Get to the side opposite from where the Tsunami is coming from, as the tsunami will be lower.
  • The Tsunami comes from the direction where the water is flowing.
  • Hyper: Same as above, but it never descends. Stay at high buildings at all cost.
  • impossible: It is slightly bigger and faster. You may need to use a Gravity Coil or a Fusion Coil to jump over it.


  • If the Tsunami spawns at an unanchored building that is very close to it, the building can flip. This tends to happen more often during Hyper Tsunami.
  • Prior to a change in Version 1.22, Hyper Tsunami behaved differently: the wave was extremely huge, however, it would lower drastically through its path.
  • In the alpha and beta versions of the game, Tsunami had a slightly higher hitbox, and always spawned on the northern side of the map (where Reaper and Black Mage spawn).
  • This is the first disaster with a Coin payout that isn't a multiple of 5, the second being Mr. Happy.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the Disaster warning was renamed to “soonami”.
  • It is possible to survive both standard and Hyper Tsunami if you stand against the wall since the length of the tsunami doesn't fully touch them. However, in maps such as Acid Depths or Wacky Warehouse, the trick will not work
    • This trick also does not apply to Impossible Tsunami as stated previously.


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