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Trowel is an item in Survive The Disasters 2.

In-Game Description

“A trowel. Click anywhere to create a mini wall. Useful to block enemies, to create temporary shelter, or to help elevate you.”


The Trowel is an item that builds a wall depending on where you click it. The wall can be destroyed by explosions. If the wall isn’t destroyed for 8 seconds, it will despawn and the player will be able to create another one.

The Trowel cannot be used during Get Down, to prevent killing other players.


  • Trowel was meant to have a special orb, called Builder - which would increase the built wall's height. However, it was not added in Version 41.72 and is only exclusive to the upcoming Version 42.
  • Trowel was in many old games on Roblox, most notably BrickBattle games such as Crossroads.

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