Survive the Disasters 2 Wiki

Tokens on Token Hunt A.

Tokens are collectables in Survive The Disasters 2. Tokens are very different from Rings. They come in 3 different forms: Blue Tokens Equal 8, Yellow Token Equals 16, and Red Tokens Equals 32.


To obtain a Token, when a Bonus Round is called for the next round, either Token Hunt A or Token Hunt B is the round. When one of the Token Hunts start, players can move around collecting the tokens.

Tokens in the Test Map.

Tokens are also found on the Test Map on Survive The Disasters 4, but only hold 1 of each tokens, which equals to 40 Coins/EXP.


  • In Version 1.37, Tokens and Hoops rewarding system has increased. This was announced on the STD2 Twitter.
  • Instead of running through the token, it can be picked up with clothing (Such as wings or tails), and gears, such as a melee. It's easier if the Epic Katana has Aurthur Sword upgrade since players can go around the map faster with it equiped. It even helps grabs tokens through walls as well.
  • Tokens are color coded, as Blue are easy/common to get, yellow is slightly difficult to collect, and Red Tokens makes it more difficult to reach/collect, making red tokens more rewarding. A similar rule goes for Falling Hoops.