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Tipping Block is a disaster in Survive the Disasters 2.


Tipping Block is a 100x50x50 stud solid block that moves around the map area. It will initially spawn and fall at the top left of the map, immediately tipping towards a random side repeatedly. There is a blue outline indicating where it will rotate and move to. The best way to avoid the block is by dashing away from it, and overall, keeping distance.

For the hyper variant, the Tipping Block receives a speed buff, while its outline indicator gets more transparent, resulting in it harder to see and predict its movements.

Disaster Memo Information

Tipping Block always starts on the same corner. The block moves every .8 seconds. Touching the block is instant KO! The block will always move to a new direction.

Comparing to standard Tipping Block, Hyper Tipping Block moves 120% faster. The indicator to where it’ll move next is a little bit more hard to see.

Survival Tips

  • Tipping Block starts at the top left corner of the map, which gives you time to have your equipment ready.
  • It moves at random, so it's best to keep distance and predict its movements the best you can.
  • If you look closely, a light blue space will indicate where it will go to next. Use that to predict its movements.
  • A strategy is to dash away to the furthest opposite corner of where the Tipping Block currently is, to optimize survival chances.


  • Tipping Block released in Version 41.6, occuring on Weeks 1 and 3 of the Disaster Rotation Event. It was officially added in Version 41.62.
  • Vyriss has referenced Tipping Block originating from Cool Math Games, a popular website used for math learning.
    • Tipping Block is from the flash game Bloxorz. This game involves solving puzzles by rolling a rectangular prism along grid-based levels. The original browser game was released back in 2007 by Damien Clarke.
  • Tipping Block is said to be the disaster Vyriss has spent the least amount of time working on.
  • If Tipping Block is standing right up, it is the the fourth tallest Disaster, behind, Caterdriller (Drilling Straight Up), Giant Noob, and Cactoball.
  • Before Version 41.61, standard and Hyper Tipping Block didn't have an indicator and it was faster.
  • Tipping Block has an unused Impossible variant. This could only be seen in the testing servers for the upcoming Version 42.
    • It is much faster than the hyper counterpart.

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