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Tiny Noobs is a one of the Noob-type disasters in Survive The Disasters 2.


"Tiny Noobs have half the health, damage(7) the average noob has: but twice the attack speed and walkspeed(36)! They have a jumppower of 60. They're pretty small to hit with a melee weapon, your best weapon against them would require a blast radius."

Hyper Memo

"Comparing to the standard Tiny Noobs, they now attack with 14 damage with a walkspeed of 54! They have a jumppower of 90. They're pretty small to hit with a melee weapon, your best weapon against them would require a blast radius."


Very small Noobs will appear on the Spawn Points and attack you. They have very high speed and have even higher speeds in their hyper version. This makes them very irritating to fight, however the Rocket Launcher, Game Master's Sword, Darkheart and the Lightning Staff are very useful against the Tiny Noobs.


  • It is recommended to use the Lightning Staff to hit multiple noobs at once or the Rocket Launcher to clear them out easily. You can also use Darkheart or Game Master's Sword to hit multiple noobs. This also works with minions
  • In Hyper Tiny Noobs, they have the same health.
  • In Version 1.23, Tiny Noobs have pumpkins on their heads.
  • On April fools 2018, Tiny Noobs were renamed to Giant Noobs
    • Rather than being small, tiny noobs were giant noobs with 100 health.
  • The tiny noob death sound is higher pitched, compared to the regular iconic Roblox death sound.
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