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Thieves are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Thieves will spawn from enemy spawn points and normally target the nearest survivors. When they hit a player, it causes some coins to drop from the player and fall onto the ground as the player gets damaged. After the disaster ends, any players who were damaged by thieves are penalized with the Robbed achievement, causing them to lose a few coins.

For the hyper variant, Thieves move faster than usual. They also deal 60 damage and steal Coin 60 each hit, instead of the standard Coin 30.

Disaster Memo Information

"4 thieves are here to steal your coins! The number the thieves damages you, the coins it steal. If you defeat one, all the coins it stole are awarded to you. Thief does 30 damage, has a walkspeed of 32, and has a jump power of 60. Don't let them take your coins!"

"6 thieves are here to steal your coins! The number the thieves damages you, the coins it steal. If you defeat one, all the coins it stole are awarded to you. Thief does 60 damage, has a walkspeed of 40, and has a jump power of 75. Don't let them take your coins!"

Survival Tips

  • Thieves do 30 damage (60 for hyper) and steal coins from you very quickly, so it's wise to keep distance from them.
  • Thieves are the most Bloxxer rewarding humanoids, so if you want to defeat all of them, use an Epic Sauce to outrun them while you shoot ninja stars at them - Golden Ninja Stars, for example.
  • The Thieves walk very fast; using an Epic Katana or a Game Master's Sword is recommended to get away from them.


  • Before Version 1.37, there was only one thief (the disaster was also titled "Thief") and it dealt 60 damage instead of 30.
  • Thieves are the only disaster that can award the Robbed achievement.
  • Thieves have the least coin payout through all disasters in the game, tied with Acid Rain.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the disaster warning was renamed to "Needs A Buff".
  • The Thieves can rob players more than once if they aren't careful enough and get hit again.
  • If a Thief kills a certain player, and is defeated, the person who bloxxed it will receive extra Bloxxer Award.

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