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Survive The Disasters 1.5 is an April Fool's update for Survive The Disasters 2. It was introduced on the April Fool's day 2019.


  • Many disasters from Survive The Disasters replace those in sequel version.
    • The disasters that did not have their version in the game have their own Disaster icon.
  • Quadruple Threat and Quintuple Threat were added back to the game.
  • Hyper disasters were not used.
  • You get double coins as a reward after the round ends.
  • The shopkeepers are not present, although you can still buy gear from the shop.


  • Some disasters from this mode such as Hot Potato and Killbots were later added to the main Survive The Disasters 2 game as they were very popular.
  • The game was up and running for 2 weeks but extended by 3 days due to a server that was kept running by players who kept joining off and on. The server was later shut down by Vyriss.
  • The Rising Pillars disaster could spawn as 2 things one being the normal pillars and the other being Get Down.
  • Disasters did not activate correctly like (Press The Button, Alien Invasion) and as a result most rounds are won without any effort. (It is unknown if this is intended by Vyriss or an error.)
  • Giant Noob, Giant Zombie, Giant TheFurryFox, and Giant Snowman would occasionally fly out of the map. This also rarely occurred with Spiked Wall.

    Giant Snowman being flug out of the map.

  • Giant Noob, Giant Zombie, Giant TheFurryFox, and Giant Snowman all appeared as the Boss Rounds while Loot The Coins appeared as a Bonus Round.
  • Crazy Robloxian would spawn as "Corner Killbots" along with the disaster itself which did not function right. He also spawned as his Impossible Version (Ignoring 1 Hit Damage Changes).
  • This is the only April Fools update to not be rereleased.
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