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Survive The Disasters (2010) is a Map in Survive the Disasters 3 and Survive The Disasters 4.


This map takes place in a standard baseplate with classic buildings that reference the early development versions of Survive The Disasters, such as the house, the playground tower, some trees, the advertisement signs. The map is very empty in a matter of detail and filling.

Key Features

  • A classic Roblox house, right of the shop.
  • The tower play set, right of the house.
  • Skin-changing options, behind the tower.
  • A couple standard trees.
  • Signs on the east wall.


  • This Map was made to show what the early stages of the game looked like.
  • A constant thundering noise plays throughout the Map every so often, possibly referencing how old games in 2010 used to play no music but sound effects, like thunder.
  • The person who created this was V_yriss, but as in 2010 her username was TheFurryFox, so the mapvote GUI creator credit shows 'By:TheFurryFox' instead.
  • This Map has no musical themes, it plays a thundering noise instead.
    • However, disasters with unique music will play (Such as Bonus Rounds, Bosses, Meteors), the music will fade when the disaster ends. If the music doesn't fade, then there will be a Stage Select.
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