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Spooksville is a Map in Survive The Disasters 2.


Spooksville takes place in a flat garden located inside a big forest. There are trees, Pumpkins, and a few notable buildings, including a big mansion at the northern side of the map.

Key Features

  • The classic house is redecorated to be Halloween themed to suit the map.
  • Various trees around the map.
  • A Church with a bell tower with room for cover, located at west-side hill.
  • Big pine trees surrounding the map.
  • A pumpkin patch, with a scarecrow at the center of it, located next to the south.
  • A graveyard located near the northeast side.
  • Dead trees.
  • A dog house next to the shop.


  • This map is a redesign of a classic map called "Halloween", from Survive The Disasters.
  • Spooksville has been completely reworked as of Version 41.5.
    • Its crimson theme it had was disabled after this update.


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