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Soccer Balls is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


"Giant soccer balls are falling from the sky! They insta-kill you when touching them. They're quite big, so it's easy to hide in a gap where they can't reach."

Hyper Memo

"Giant soccer balls are falling from the sky! They insta-kill you when touching them. Instead of being a fixed size, they now can be sized anywhere between half-to-regular sized to potentially fit in more places to blox survivors. Every 2.2 seconds the soccer balls will kick itself with force to reposition. Be careful!"


Giant soccer balls will fall from sky, instantly killing players if they touch it. Players should hide under cover or small gaps where Soccer Balls cannot reach due to its large size. Corners are always a good choice.

Hyper Soccer Balls

The size of each ball is half of its' normal size. It is bouncier and can bounce in mid-air occasionally.


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