Sky Ruins is a Map in Survive The Disasters 2.


The map takes place in an ancient, ruined, temple. There are columns, statues, bridges and passages. Most of the map's structure is destroyed. The map itself appears to be floating, similar to Candy Cloud.

Key Features

  • Bridges.
  • Various passages, and stairs.
  • Bronze bird-like statues.
  • Collumns, placed around the map. Some are fallen.


  • This map was introduced in Version 1.365.
    • It was planned to be released in Version 1.37, but was added earlier due to the scarcity of content for the 2018 Halloween update.
    • Players could only access the night version of the map during the Halloween event.
  • There was a previously accessible area high off the ground, on top of the pillar next to the wall. This area gave players an unfair advantage against some disasters near the southwest corner of the map.
    • This oversight was patched and invisible boundaries were added in place a few days later.
  • This is the only map in the game that was nominated for the Roblox Bloxxy's ceremony.
    • Unfortunately, the map lost after a few people mistook Sky Ruins originating from the classic Survive The Disasters.
  • Sky Ruins is one of four maps that have access to the void. The other three being City Park, Galantasy, and Acid Depths.
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