Silver Ninja Stars is a gear in Survive The Disasters 1 and Survive The Disasters 2. It used to be only accessible by buying the Silver Ninja Stars Gamepass for 15 Robux but now they are opened to non-gamepass players.

In-Game Description

"May be weak but, fast as a ninja can throw it!"


The Silver Ninja Stars are only available to players who have purchased the Silver Ninja Stars Gamepass for 15 Robux. Silver Ninja Stars are similar to Black Ninja Stars, but deal minor damage and have a rather fast fire rate. They are good for starter players as they have more DPS than the Slime Gun.


  • On the ROBLOX Catalog, the Silver Ninja Stars are actually called the Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Light.
  • It can kill Alexnewtron in 182 hits and Reaper in 564 hits.
  • As of Version 1.34, the Silver Ninja Stars was one of the lower tier weapon that got its damage buffed (Increased from 9 to 11).
  • This weapon has the fastest fire-rate out of all ranged weapons, at 0.2 second per shoot.
  • In Version 1.38 the trails of the stars have been added.
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