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Sighters are a Disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


4 Sighters will appear on each corner of the map, shooting perfectly accurate green lasers towards the closest survivor. Each laser deals 20 damage. Players should hide under cover or behind a wall where Sighters cannot hit you due to the angle. Be warned that the lasers can destroy parts if Sighters shoot at them, therefore, hiding under destructible parts should be avoided. Hyper Sighters fire lasers nearly twice as much, compared to their standard counterpart.

Memo Information

  • Standard:

"Each laser beam deals 20 damage, and any breakable parts on contact will disappear. These things have perfect aim, take cover!"

  • Hyper:

"Comparing to standard Sighters, Hyper Sighters shoot 1.8x faster. There is a safe spot in all maps to completely avoid all the lasers"

Impossible Sighters

  • Note: This variant will be only available in the upcoming Version 42.

They are much faster than their Hyper counterpart, and increases damage from their usual 20 to 68 every .25 seconds (it adds 1 damage everytime it shoots.). The damage will still add up, regardless of it hitting, or not hitting you. The lasers also phase through the leaderboard area next to the shop - a common place to hide.

Potential Hiding Spots

In each map there is at least 1 spot where none of the Sighters can hit you (apart from the Shop building), as stated in the Hyper Memo. Here are the spots in some maps.

  • Atlantis: At the stone temples. The spot has to be precise, so that Sighters hit the pillars. Works best with the one near the shop.
  • Winterville: Behind the big christmas tree on the left of the house. Stay near the Presents. This also works by hiding under any smaller tree.
  • Moonbase: At the metal structures on the left of the house.
  • Spooksville: In the cave/drain on the left of the house, or in the church on the far right.
  • City Park: Stand under the Noob Tower by standing on the inside of the pillar closet to the center of the map If the pillars are destroyed use the nearby Purple Hut Structure.
  • Wacky Warehouse: In the pipe.
  • Plastic Palace: In one of the two pipes.
  • Candy Cloud: Under any far side of the Candy Bridge, the two ends are unbreakable.
  • Galantasy: Next to the side of the stairs at the far right, or in the cracks near the pillars.
  • Castle Gardens: Under any far side of either small Bridge. Those parts are unbreakable.
  • Home Sweet Home: Under the far right book stack. Make sure your facing the left book.
  • Molten Metal: Back left structure inside the Yellow Neon Pillars. Make sure you stay inside the surrounding poles to avoid sighter hits from the corners.
  • Dandy Desert: In the left Canyon against the inner wall closest to the center. This will ensure no hits from the front left sighter.
  • Panic Pyramid: At the right of the back stairs leading to the left corridor. Position yourself so that the bottom right sighter hit the pillar.


  • Don't underestimate Sighters; they can kill you in seconds if you don't take cover or heal in time.
  • Don't overestimate it, either; Sighters can be easily avoided by hiding behind unbreakable parts and their damage can easily be recovered with healing gear.
  • Any destructible buildings or parts will be demolished by Sighters. It's better to take cover behind parts that cannot be destroyed.
  • A good strategy is to hide around the Gear Shop, as there is an invisible wall which reliably protects you from all the sighters.
  • This disaster was suggested by a fan.
  • Sighters are based off of a Laser Shooter found in a Classic PlayStation 3 Game called G-Force.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fool 2018), the Disaster warning was renamed to ”corner pokers”.
  • In Version 1.35, their damage was increased from 16 to 18.
  • Normal Sighters were buffed from 18 to 24 damage during the following updates, but was not announced. However, they were nerfed to 20 damage while hyper Sighters were buffed to 20 damage in Version 40.
  • Sighters were temporarily broken in Version 41.5 whereas the Sighters wouldn't shoot lasers, same case with Shurikens.
    • After Version 41.5 removed all the Christmas related content, Sighters alongside Shurikens was fixed, but Hyper Sighters got nerfed to act more like its Standard version.
  • You can hide behind the house to make it not hit you, but it can also hit the insides of the house and breaking the back parts.
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