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Shurikens are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Various ninja stars constantly fall down from the sky. They stop at any surface they hit, and are fatal upon touch. Shurikens may also occasionally target a random survivor after 5 seconds have passed, so it's best to seek shelter.

For the hyper counterpart, medium-sized models of Electric Ninja Stars replace every shuriken.
For the impossible counterpart, those are replaced once again by the Golden Ninja Stars, which are even larger.

Disaster Memo Information

"It's raining shurikens! After 5 seconds, there's a 30% chance a star will fall on or nearby a player every second. Touching a fallen shuriken is instant-death. Hiding under cover is the best option for this!"

"Slightly bigger than the normal shurikens, this one rains Electric Ninja stars. After 4 seconds, there's a 40% chance a star will fall on or nearby a player every second. Touching a fallen shuriken is instant-death. Hiding under cover is the best option for this!"

Survival Tips

  • Get to shelter, such as the house, a bridge, or a tower, as the Shurikens are able to target players.


  • Even though the name of the disaster is "Shurikens", Kunais also fall from the sky.
    • However, kunais do not fall in Hyper and Impossible Shurikens.
  • In the beta versions, Shurikens dealt 75 damage instead of 100.
  • Shurikens are not collidable, which means you can walk past it, despite doing so causes death.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the disaster warning was renamed to “shurrykins”.
  • During testing phases for Hardcore Mode, Impossible Shurikens would rain Game Master Stars, which weren't buy-able anymore. This was changed in a later update for the final release of the game mode.
  • During Version 41.5, Shurikens, alongside Sighters, broke. Nothing happened during these rounds. It was caused due to a Roblox update, ruining the LoadLibrary functions of the game, in which these two disasters rely on to work.

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