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Gear Shop

The Shop is a feature in Survive The Disasters. It is where the player can buy and equip themselves with tools that can help them to survive, having a specific utility or not. The player can buy gears by just going to the shop and going on a gear button. The player needs to have a specific amount of points in order to buy a certain gear.


Gear Name Cost Utility Type
Bloxy Cola 180 Points Heals 10HP per use. Drink
Double Cheezburger 360 Points Heals 4HP per use. Food
Bloxiade 540 Points Grants a 30-second speed boost of +8 walkspeed per use. Drink
Epic Sauce 720 Points Grants a 5-second speed and jump boost per use, deals 20 HP damage. Drink
Chocolate Milk 960 Points Heals 8HP per use. Drink
Cherry Pie 1080 Points Throws pies that stick onto enemies and other players temporarily, but does not deal any damage. Throwable / Food
Turkey Leg 1080 Points Heals 9HP per use. Food
Digital Green Skateboard 1440 Points Rideable skateboard used for mobility. Works the same as a regular skateboard. Vehicle
Radical Orange Skateboard 1620 Points Rideable skateboard used for mobility. Works the same as a regular skateboard. Vehicle
Blue Yonder 1800 Points Rideable skateboard used for mobility. Works the same as a regular skateboard. Vehicle
Dastardly Skate 1980 Points Rideable skateboard used for mobility. Works the same as a regular skateboard. Vehicle
Gravity Coil 2160 Points A useful coil that boosts the player jump power (jump height). Power-up
Speed Coil 2520 Points A useful coil that boosts player walkspeed. Power-up
Regen Coil 2960 Points A useful coil that heals the player. Power-up coil
Bombow 3240 Points A bow used to damage enemies. Range weapon
Black Ninja Star 4000 Points Throwable Black shurikens used to damage enemies. Range weapon
Glowing Ninja Stars 5000 Points Green shurikens that have a better fire rate (+0.05s) and deals more damage (+2) than Black Ninja Stars. Range weapon
Laser Gun 6000 Points A gun that lobs green balls used to attack enemies, it has a great fire rate. Range weapon
Hoverboard 7000 Points A skate that can hover, and has a temporary boost that increases its speed. Works similar to a regular skateboard. Vehicle
Jet Pack 8000 Points A jetpack that helps the player to reach high places, it has a 'fuel meter' that shows how long can it be activated for. the fuel regenerates automatically when not being used, but only when equipped. Power-up
Grapple Hook 9000 Points A throwable hook that is useful for reaching high places, has a limiting distance every time it is thrown. Power-up
Laser Sword 10000 Points A green sword that can throw a laser when the player performs three consecutive slashes. Mesh is from Roblox's Chartreuse Periastron Gamma catalog gear. Melee weapon
Epic Katana 11000 Points A black katana used to blox enemies, the player can also perform a dash with it by doing three consecutive slashes. Melee weapon
Captain's Flintlock 13000 Points A gun used to defeat enemies, it reloads is a bit slow, but it deals great damage. Range weapon
Golden Bow 16000 Points A golden bow with red details used to attack enemies, a better version of Bombow. Range weapon
Super Gravity Coil 18000 Points A better version of Gravity Coil, with a significantly higher jump power. Power-up
Game Master Stars 22000 Points Pure-white shurikens that deal great damage to enemies and has a very high fire rate. Range weapon
Game Master Sword 24000 Points / Gamepass A better version of Epic Katana, that deals far greater base damage (+10-28) and has an auto heal effect similar to the Auto-Heal orb. Melee weapon


  • The majority of these gears are purchasable from the Survive The Disasters 2 Gear Shop, and some gears have gotten their functions improved.
  • The shop went through several modifications, several gears were added and removed during development.
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