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Sandstorm is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


A sandstorm begins! Debris will start blowing from the top side of the map. If a player is out in the open, they take 20 - 25 damage rapidly. If a player is hiding behind a solid object, they will be partially protected. Large tumbleweeds also spawn and are blown toward the bottom area of the map, instantly killing any player that comes in contact with them.

For the hyper counterpart, the Sandstorm's debris hits players more frequently, and the tumbleweeds are slightly larger. The fog is also denser, making it harder to see during the round.

Disaster Memo Information

"A heavy sandstorm comes from the end of the map! Take cover as being out in the open may take 20 ~ 25 damage if hit by debris. Tumbleweed will also come, and they do 100 damage."

"Comparing to the normal sandstorm, Hyper Sandstorm has double the chance debris will hit players. Tumbleweeds are more frequent and are also bigger."

Survival Tips

  • Take cover behind walls to avoid being hit by debris and tumbleweeds.
  • Tumbleweeds will instantly kill you if you touch them. Stay behind structures, such as the classic Roblox house to avoid getting hit.


  • During the April Fools 2017 event, the song Darude - Sandstorm would play during Sandstorm. The audio is now copyrighted and cannot be heard anymore.
    • This also happened in April Fools 2018, but it was a flute cover of the same song.

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