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Rising Lava is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Hot lava is quickly rising! It is recommended to get to higher places, where it cannot reach you, and avoid unanchored structures as the liquid will burn parts during the round. As the lava rises, undestructible structures that come in contact with it will start burning and dissolve after a while. If a survivor manages to touch the lava, they will be melted and die instantly.

For the hyper counterpart, the lava texture is changed to be more reddish, while its rise speed and height is buffed. Parts that come in contact with the lava also melt faster.

Disaster Memo Information

"Elevate yourself where the lava can't reach you! The lava rises up to 16 studs from the floor. Each part the lava touches, there's a 50% chance it'll dissolve in 8 ~ 14 seconds max. If you touch it, it'll take little as 1.5 seconds to turn you into ashes."

"Elevate yourself where the lava can't reach you! The lava rises up to 16 studs from the floor. Each part the lava touches, there's a 75% chance it'll dissolve in 6 ~ 10 seconds max. If you touch it, it'll take little as .75 seconds to turn you into ashes. The lava rises two times faster than it's standard version"

Survival Tips

  • Try not to head up to high areas where the platform is destructible, if possible. Some examples might be the house or the towers. The lava will burn the lower parts, causing it to collapse.
  • Breakable structures may become unstable upon contact with the lava. Be sure to use a Gravity or Fusion Coil to buy yourself some time or jump to higher ground.


  • In the Beta version, Rising Lava had fog.
  • After Version 41.5, Rising Lava received a change, in which the lava no longer rises smoothly. It'll move stud by stud until it reaches its max height.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the disaster warning was renamed to “lava".


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