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Rising Acid is a Disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Toxic acid starts to rise! Any destructible block the acid touches has a 33% chance to be corroded and disintegrate; ones that remained become radioactive and glowy, touching a block that glows deals a certain amount of damage a second. If you come in contact with the acid, you'll be dealt heavy damage quickly, so it is wise to get to higher spots where the acid can't reach you.

For the hyper counterpart, the acid rises twice as fast. It has a 50% chance to disintegrate blocks, remained ones deal 14 damage. Also deals 28 damage if you fall in it.

For the impossible counterpart, the radioactive parts deal 28 damage. The acid rises up a lot sooner and higher, reaching up to 16.6 studs above the baseplate at a rate of 4 studs per second. Also deals 42 damage if you fall in it.

Memo Information

  • Standard:

"Any breakable parts that come on contact with the rising acid have a 33% chance to disintegrate. Breakable parts on contact will turn radioactive and touching it deals 7 damage, even after when the disaster is over! If you are in the acid you'll deal 18 damage over time. The acid rises up pretty high and quick, get to a high place!"

  • Hyper:

"Compared to standard Rising Acid, the acid rises 2 times faster and has a 50% chance to disintegrate breakable or body parts. The radioactive parts now deal 14 damage, and the acid will damage you 24 overtime when you are in it."


  • In older versions, when you touched the acid, your body (parts) could become rusty, even though it didn't affect gameplay.

    Said 'rusty bodies'.

  • In older versions, the memo of Rising Acid was glitched. Even after the player has collected it, it wouldn't appear in your memo inventory. This was fixed in an unknown update.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the Disaster warning was renamed to “acid”.
  • In older versions, if you had contact with acid, you could die immediately, as there was no time left for you to heal. This was changed after Version 41.5
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