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Reaper is a boss in Survive The Disasters 2. He is also one of the three super bosses in Hardcore Mode, being known as the Crimson Reaper.


Reaper has two different attacks and lasts for 60 seconds, attacking players throughout until killed, time runs out, or all players are killed, in which case it'll start attacking at random spots.

  • Slash Waves: Moves his scythe, then proceeds to slash and create a large crescent shaped arc which travels fast and instantly kills any player it hits.
  • Shadow Orbs: Throws three fast orbs at players in succession, each dealing 35 ~ 55 damage.

Hyper Reaper

The Hyper Reaper, known alternatively as the Crimson Reaper, is a super boss, along with Black Mage and Yojimbo in Hardcore Mode. It has five different attacks compared to the original Reaper's two, and lasts for 150 seconds.

  • Slash Waves: Acts similar to the regular attack, except he unleashes three slash waves in quick succession. Each slash wave is smaller but faster.
  • Electrical Orb: Crimson Reaper unleashes a giant but slow red orb, instantly killing players who touch it. Any players nearby take 20 damage for every second the player is near it.
  • Karma Shield: Crimson Reaper raises his scythe then smashes it onto the ground, then creates a shield in front of him that deals 25% damage done to the reaper back to the attacker.
  • Pillars of Death: Crimson Reaper raises his scythe then smashes it onto the ground, creating two waves of pillars, one having different pillar locations and appearing after the other, which travel across the map, expanding in a crescent shape, and players must go between pillars to dodge them. Touching any of the pillars will instantly kill players.
  • Homing Spikes: Crimson Reaper raises his scythe then smashes it onto the ground, spewing a large number of spikes in the air. They will automatically aim at players after a few moments and instantly kill those who touch them.

Disaster Memo Information

"It's Reaper! It will make a slash motion making a giant dangerous wave that moves across the stage. This attack kills you instantly, so beware. It can also launch three fireballs at you, which move faster than the kill wave, but does only 33 ~ 55 damage."

"Aside from standard reaper, Crimson Reaper has 5 moves instead of 2. Similar to Reaper, he has a slash attack but does it 3 times quickly. The slashes are smaller, but move slightly faster. His second main attack launches a giant slow-moving sphere that approaches random targets. If you're nearby the sphere, you'll be shocked 20 damage. When Crimson Reaper slams its scythe to the ground 1 of 3 things will happen: multiple homing spikes or large pillars will appear from his scythe, or we'll summon a damage reflector in front of him. Attacking him in this state will return 25% of the damage you inflicted to him, so watch out for that! All red hit boxes are instant-death aside from the lightning strikes."


  • If you survive Crimson Reaper, you will earn the A Dance with Death badge.
  • If you defeat Crimson Reaper, you will earn the Death's Bed badge.
  • Reaper, along with Black Mage are the only bosses that stay on their fixed spawns. Reaper stands, while Black Mage floats.
  • It's not recommended to be in a confined space during this disaster as it makes it harder to dodge Reaper's attacks.
  • If you manage to kill Reaper before the round ends, a large black beam will surround him and he will disappear. This is similar to Black Mage.
  • In April Fools 2017, the Reaper received girly clothing, and the color of its fireballs, slashes, and scythe became red and pink. Hyper Reaper wasn't changed at all. His main theme was replaced by Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary - Satan's Theme.
  • When Reaper has no targets (all players are dead), he will start targetting random spots on the map.
  • In April Fools 2018, Reaper's attacks are replaced with Reaper's one from the game Overwatch.
    • These attacks are Hellfire Shotguns and Death Blossom.
    • When the round is almost over, he teleports to the center of the map and spins around, while shooting players, saying "Die! Die! Die!" repeatedly.
      • Getting hit by the gun while he is doing this will result in an instant-kill.
  • In April Fools 2018, Hyper Reaper is "replaced" with his super boss version, lasting for 120 seconds.
  • Hyper Reaper is known to be the hardest hyper boss.
  • Reaper used to have a different musical theme: Final Fantasy X - Otherworld.
  • In Version 41.5 and Version 41.6, Reaper's christmas outfit returned along with Black Mage's.
  • Prior to Version 41.5, Reaper (and other bosses) were not able to pair with themselves and with each other (Standard + Hardcore).
  • In Version 41.5, Reaper's health was increased from 8600 to 10000.


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