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Polyhex is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Polyhex resembles the avatar of a ROBLOX game developer who goes by the same name.
Polyhex appears at a random enemy spawn point, throwing bombs at players. They also have a permanent forcefield, making it impossible to kill them. After launching three bombs, Polyhex teleports to another spawn in an attempt to get closer to other players. They can throw bombs quite far, so be on guard for incoming bombs.

For the hyper counterpart, Polyhex will throw bombs faster, and teleports more often. Their bombs have a larger blast radius compared to the standard Polyhex. The fuse times are decreased slightly. When the bombs explode, they each separate into 4 smaller bombs which explode quickly, creating a "cluster" effect, similarly to Hyper Bombers.

Disaster Memo Information

"The creator of Super Bomb Survival is bombarding the place! Polyhex will throw 3 consecutive bombs near you, regardless of range due to his accurate throws! The bombs have a large radius, so quickly escape where he is launching the bombs."

"The creator of Super Bomb Survival is bombarding the place! Hyper Polyhex's throw speed is 25% faster than his standard throw speed. The explosive range from the bombs is slightly bigger and explodes earlier. After the bomb explodes, it'll explode into 4 smaller bombs."

Survival Tips

  • Stay away from the enemy spawn points, so that you have enough time to react when Polyhex throws a bomb at you.
  • Try to seek higher ground, but note that in some cases there are spawns on said higher ground and/or Polyhex can throw bombs onto higher structures.


  • Polyhex was added in Version 1.21.
  • The bombs Polyhex throws are never seen in Super Bomb Survival itself.
    • However, they do have similar beeping sounds, and have the style used in the game.
    • Additionally, the Hyper variant's bombs are very similar to Super Bomb Survival's Cluster Missile and Matryoshka Bombs.
  • Polyhex is one of Vyriss's friends.
  • Polyhex's pronous are They / Them, rather than He / Him as seen in the disaster memo information.
  • Polyhex's bombs do not despawn when the round is over, behaving the same way as the standard Time Bombs. Getting killed by them after the round ends will not penalize players, however.
  • In Version 1.25, the holiday update, Polyhex threw presents instead of bombs.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the disaster warning was renamed to "bomb boi".
  • In Version 41.71, due to a change in the explosion behavior, Polyhex's bombs are capable of being launched in a way that couldn't occur in previous versions. The smaller bombs that spawn from the "cluster" effect are able to be flung towards any part of the map, making them somewhat unpredictable.

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