Plastic Palace is a map in Survive The Disasters 2.


The map is entirely composed of building blocks. Everywhere you look, you could be reminded of a toy store from childhood. It could be that you shrunk due to the fact that the walls around the map indicate it's some kind of play zone. There are also many plastic knights scattered around the map.

Key Features

Asterisk indicates features that were added in Version 1.28.

  • A giant throne is the main structure, with a red carpet leading up to it.
  • Four large, red, indestructible statues of knights on the sides of the map.
  • Several pillars that support the "ceiling" of the map.
  • Three arcade machineslocated on the southeast of the map*.
  • A shelf with toys located on the left side, used for shelter*.
  • A toy house located on the left, near the shelf.


  • This map was inspired by Fantasia, from Maplestory.
    • That's a reason why it featured many Maplestory songs in the past.
  • It's possible to obtain the Take Aim Badge on this map.
  • Plastic Palace will receive a purple theme in the upcoming Version 42.
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