Pizza Dude is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


The Pizza Dude is actually [[1]], the creator of Work at a Pizza Place. He stands large and proud at the front of the map, throwing pizzas as if ninja stars. They can have a random orientation and are non-collidable.


"The creator of Work at a Pizza Place comes in with a pizza delivery! He throws large pizzas every second at the nearest target. Pizzas are instant-death if you touch them."

Hyper Memo

"Comparing to standard Pizza Dude, he throws pizza twice as fast."

Impossible Pizza Dude

Pizza Dude now throws pizza boxes instead of slices. The rate, however, is back to the standard state. The boxes are very large and only spin vertically.

Impossible Pizza Dude compared to the pizza box he throws.


  • Pizza Dude was added in Version 1.35.
  • This disaster is similar to Ninja Noob, but instead of shurikens, Pizza Dude throws pizza.
  • When the pizza dude has no targets left (all players are dead) he stops throwing pizza and just stands there.
  • Prior to Version 1.38, the Pizza Dude memo was a joke, merely saying "he throw pizza".
  • This disaster was once planned to be called "Dued1".
  • Pizza Dude's impossible variant used to be different. Instead of throwing pizza boxes, he followed the standard and hyper variants, as the slices he threw were much bigger and faster. The fire rate was also buffed.
  • Dued1 real name is Michael Sligh.
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