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Pacifist Mode is a game mode for Survive The Disasters 2. It can be accessed by turning on pacifist mode in the menu in both Standard and Hardcore Mode. You will respawn and lose current streak when you do this. Make sure you are not on a high streak when you attempt this mode.

Pacifist players' names are displayed in blue colour on the leaderboard. Pacifist players cannot use any gears, as they are all cleared upon triggering this mode.

It was announced on February 11, 2018, in the description for Survive The Disasters 2: Corrupted, and the official game mode was released the following day as a separate game which can be accessed when you start the game, similar to how Hardcore Mode works. (Note that you cannot change gamemode via menu at that time).

In Version 1.41, Pacifist mode is merged with standard/hardcore mode. Pacifist players are no longer put into a separate game and instead shares the same server with normal players.


  • Pacifist players cannot use any gears.
  • Pacifist players' name will be displayed blue on leaderboards.
  • Skill Rating mechanism changes:
    • Does not use up any of the ten slots; instead, it is stored in an eleventh slot.
    • 2x SR from streak milestones.
    • Will not be lost when you die


  • When this mode used to be a separate game:
  • Even if you have bought a Gamepass gear, such as Silver Ninja Stars, you will still not be able to access them.

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