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Overseer Soldiers are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Overseer Soldiers are dangerous humanoids that target the closest survivors. They wield an overseer axe and will occasionally throw it towards players if they are far away from them, meaning they have a ranged ability. Their axes deal damage upon contact if you're close enough. Overseer Soldiers also have one last but powerful attack, which is to slam their axes on the ground, creating a small cluster of two explosions in front of them. This may be fatal if they are in groups and players don't keep enough distance away from them.

For the hyper variant, Overseer Soldiers are slightly faster and may attack more often. Their slam blasts also have a cluster of three explosions instead of two.

Disaster Memo Information

"These soldiers have two attacks: they will throw their axe on you dealing 40 damage if you are ranged or slam on the ground creating two medium sized explosions if you're close. Touching their axe on their hand does 25 damage. It's best to distance yourself away from them, while watching out for the throwing axe. Overseer soldiers have a walkspeed of 18."

"Comparing to the standard: Overseer soldier's explosive ground attack now has 3 explosions, and they slam faster. They also have a walkspeed of 22."

Survival Tips

  • Use a Gravity Coil, Fusion Coil or an Epic Katana to dodge their throwing axe attack.
  • Don't get near them; if you are close enough, they will summon a string of explosions to instantly kill you.
  • Try not to lead them to important destructible buildings, such as the house, the towers, and other destructible high areas. Their attacks will cut right through them and they will be demolished, leaving fewer areas for cover.


  • Overseer Soldiers can kill each other with their explosive attacks. This could be used as an advantage if you're being chased by lots of them.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the disaster warning was renamed to “eyeball bois”.
  • Prior to Version 1.38, the Overseer Soldiers' splash logo was the Roblox's old R icon.
  • Hyper Overseer Soldiers were added in Version 41.5.
  • If a player gets hit by an overseer axe, it will attach to said player's body and cause them to move in an odd way while jumping. This occurs due to the fact the axes change the player's mass.


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