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The Orb Gachapon screen as of V41.6.

The Orb Gachapon is a feature introduced in Survive The Disasters 2. With it, you can spend 1,000 Coins to get a random Orb, or 5,000 coins for 5.


There are totally 5 tiers of orbs that you can get. Orbs with higher tier provide better stats but are rarer.

Tier Chance
Common 70%
Uncommon 20%
Rare 6%
Epic 3%
Legendary 1%

Combining and Selling Orbs

The Exchange screen, as of Version 41.6.

Clicking the arrow will take you to another screen where you can combine 3 Orbs together to get a better version of the same Orb, or sell unused Orbs. It is also possible to trade 3 same legendary orbs to get a random legendary orb.

If you have enough Orbs for two or more trades, both of them will be done at the same time. If this is your first exchange, you get a Badge, Two for the Price of One.

Exchanging Orbs costs Coins.png 1000. Selling Orbs yields different rewards based on its tier, described in the table below.

Tier Selling Price
Common Coins.png140
Uncommon Coins.png600
Rare Coins.png2500
Epic Coins.png5800
Legendary Coins.png20000

Upgrading items

Clicking the Menu from the left of screen, then clicking on Upgrade gear allows you to use your Orbs to upgrade your gear. Simply select a gear from the list to the left, select an Orb from the list to the right, and upgrade your gear.

Removing Orbs

You can also remove an Orb from a gear by clicking "Delete" next to the Orb(s). This does not cost any Coins.

Note: You can't get your orbs back after they have been removed from a gear. You must spin again or exchange to get a new one. As a result, you must think very carefully before upgrading your gear.


  • Orbs in your inventory or equipped on a weapon are saved when you leave the game.
  • Every item except for the Game Master Sword, Game Master Stars and Game Master Coil can have 3 orbs being equipped at the same time while the 3 Game Master Items cannot equip any.
  • Having higher tier Orbs, and more Orbs in general, will not increase the price of the gear.
    • This was untrue in the first release, after that in order to make people interested in spinning orbs, the creator (Vyriss) has deleted these rules.


  • It takes 9 Common Orbs to make a Rare, 27 to make an Epic, and 81 to make a Legendary.
  • The cost per spin has been changed several times. It used to be 1,500 coins and 500 coins.
  • In Survive The Disasters 3, an Orb was added to the game called the Ego Expander 2400, which expanded an enemy's head at a chance.
    • It stayed in the game and was renamed to Big Head.
  • In Survive The Disasters 3, the Orb chances were increased. Chances were 35% for Common Orbs, 30% for Rares, 20% for Epics, 10% for Uniques, and 5% for Legendaries. This was reverted when the update ended.
  • In Version 1.25, the cost was reduced to 800 Coins per spin as the result of a discount, but it ended on January 1, 2018.
  • In the first release of the Orb Gachapon, the chance were 60% for Common, 26.5% for Rare, 9% for Epic, 3% for Unique and 1.5% for Legendary.
    • Before the full relaunch of the game, Orbs that had been added to gear could not be removed.
  • In Version 1.31, the ability to sell Orbs was added to the Orb exchange screen.
    • Version 1.31 also reduced the cost to roll Orbs to 500 Coins. This is the lowest it has ever been.
  • Version 41.6 changed the mechanics of Orbs majorly.
    • Rolling Orbs costs 1,000 Coins, as apposed to 500 Coins previously.
      • Though, you can now roll 5 Orbs for 5,000 Coins.
    • Orbs now go in the order Common Orbs, Uncommon Orbs, Rare Orbs, Epic Orbs, and Legendary Orbs.
    • The chances to get a Orb is now as follows: 70% for Common Orbs, 20% for Uncommon Orbs, 6% for Rare Orbs, 3% for Epic Orbs, and 1% for Legendary Orbs.
    • You can now exchange 3 Orbs for 1 better Orb, and 3 Legendary Orbs for 1 random Legendary Orb.
    • Orb colors are changed to as follows: gray for Common Orbs, neon green for Uncommon Orbs, blue for Rare Orbs, purple for Epic Orbs, and yellow for Legendary Orbs.