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Oil Spill is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


A large oil drum falls down from the sky, leaking oil that will slowly rise all over the map. 9 metal trusses will spawn on enemy spawn points. 6 of them will be safe from the rising oil while the other 3 may be too short. The oil rises after about 5 seconds and will continue to rise until the disaster ends. Be careful not to touch the drum as it may prove fatal!

Disaster Memo Information

"There's an oil spillage! There are climbable trusses that appear nearby enemy spawns. 6 of them are high enough to save you from the oil, while the other 3 trusses may not be trustworthy. If you are submerged in the oil, you'll be taking 8 damage every .2 seconds! The oil rises up pretty high, so be quick!"

Survival Tips

  • Most trusses are safe, except for 3. It's best to climb the ones that are on or near tall structures or landscapes.
  • Don't touch the barrel, as it kills you instantly.


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