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Nuclear Bomb is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


A speech sound saying "Nuclear Launch Detected" will play at the start of the round. A powerful nuke will drop down from the sky after roughly 15 seconds, aiming at a random enemy spawn point. Where it lands is indicated by a blinking red dot, so it is wise to spot it as soon as possible and dash away from it. The Nuclear Nomb's explosion is an 1-hit KO and may cover a large portion of the map, destroying any unanchored structures.

For the hyper variant, the nuke drops down more quickly, with a slightly bigger explosive radius. The red dot indicator is smaller and blinks less.
For the impossible variant, after the message is announced, the bomb drops almost immediately. The dot is also nearly impossible to see so you have only 7 seconds before it lands.

Disaster Memo Information

"There is a blinking red dot pointing at a random spawn, that's where the nuke will land! The nuke comes 15 seconds later. Get away from the dot!"

"There is a blinking red dot pointing at a random spawn, that's where the nuke will land! The red dot blinks less, so don't miss it! The nuke comes 11.25 seconds later with a bigger explosive range. Get away from the dot!"

Survival Tips

  • Check the spawn points to spot which one has a flickering red dot on it, then go as far away from it as possible, using movement gear such as Epic Katana
    • Be aware that it may be on a red spawn location, making it easy to skip over.
  • Hyper: Check the spawn points carefully, as the red light dot is smaller.
  • Impossible: Safest strategy is to check every spawn point near you and quickly run towards the corner if no dot is spotted.


  • Nuclear Bomb replaced Terran Ghost in Version 1.38.
    • The Terran Ghost is originally from the StarCraft series, where they are feared for their assassination skills and ability to cloak.
    • Killing the Terran Ghost would stop the nuke from spawning, getting the badge "Nuke Defused". Once he was killed, he let off a scream to signal that he had been found and killed.
  • Brighter colors for spawn points on certain maps allow players to see the red dot easily, for example, Atlantis and Galantasy.
  • The Nuclear Bomb's model and mesh are from the Rocket Launcher gear in the Roblox Catalog.
  • Despite being a nuclear explosive, the Nuclear Bomb creates no shockwave, mushroom cloud, nor leaves behind any radiation.


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