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Noobs are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Noobs are simple humanoids, originating from classic Roblox. They have a yellow body, blue shirt and green pants, with no accessories. Noobs spawn from the enemy spawn points in the map and will start attacking the closest survivor, dealing 14 damage per hit.

For the hyper variant, Noobs have a faster walkspeed, higher jump power and may prove deadlier as their damage increases to 28.
For the impossible variant, the Noobs move even faster, can jump much higher, and deal three times as much damage as normal noobs (42). They can kill you very fast if you are swarmed.

Disaster Memo Information

"The noobs are here to beat you up! They believe you took all of their tix. They will slap you with 14 damage on contact. Pretty easy to blox. Noobs have a walkspeed of 18."

"The noobs are here to beat you up! They believe you took all of their tix. They will slap you with 28 damage on contact. They run twice as fast as the regular noobs."

Survival Tips

  • Staying on top of an elevated surface basically guarantees your survival.
  • At higher Ranks, it may be helpful to kill the Noobs with the weapons at your disposal. The Darkheart, Epic Katana, and Game Master's Sword are good melee choices, especially the Darkheart since it heals you as you deal damage. Any ranged weapon are good choices as well.


  • Noobs were one of the disasters that have not changed in the sequel (another of which is Death Trampoline, etc.)
  • Noobs seem to be a running joke and a superior type of disaster in the game, as there are multiple variants of Noobs: Regular Noobs, Coil Noobs, Explosive Noobs, Rocket Noobs, Tiny Noobs, Giant Noob, and there used to be a disaster titled "Ninja Noobs".
  • Noobs have the second lowest coin payout in the entire game, the first being Acid Rain.
    • Impossible Noobs have the lowest coin payout of all impossible disasters, at 187 coins.
  • Impossible Noobs originally dealt 56 damage when the variant was added to the game during testing phases for Hardcore Mode. It was nerfed to 42 as they could potentially kill players in two hits.
  • In previous versions, Noobs had different colors, but in the newest versions, they have only three standard colors (yellow, blue and green).
  • When Noobs are killed, an "oof" sound is played.
  • In Version 1.23, Version 1.365 and Version 41, Noobs wore pumpkins on their heads.
  • In Version 1.25, Version 1.37, Version 41.5 and Version 41.6, Noobs wore Santa hats on their heads.
  • In Survive The Disasters 3 (April Fools 2017), all Noobs were replaced by Giant Noobs.
  • Prior to Version 1.38, the Noobs' memo was a joke, merely saying "The easiest disaster".

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