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Ninjas are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Ninjas are basic humanoids that spawn from enemy spawn points and chase the closest players. They have ranged abilities instead of the usual melee, as they wield ninja stars - known as shurikens. Once they are in enough range of survivors, Ninjas will start to repeatedly shoot shurikens at them - which may deal 10 ~ 12 damage each. If players face a group of Ninjas, it's likely that they will get swarmed with shurikens, as their fire rate is high.

For the hyper variant, only a new ninja type spawns, known as Electric Ninjas. They use Electric Ninja Stars, dealing much more damage. As a result, they are tougher than the standard Ninjas. They have a faster walkspeed and jump power and are more resistant to damage.
For the impossible variant, only Shadow Ninjas spawn - yet another type. These Shadow Ninjas are purple in color and are even tougher. Their Shadow Ninja Stars deal much more damage and are thrown much faster as compared to the standard and hyper variants. Shadow Ninjas are also faster and jump higher and more often.

Disaster Memo Information

"Ninjas are attacking! When they are within 30 studs near you, they'll try to chuck throwing stars at you. Throwing stars on contact will do 10 to 12 damage! Ninjas have a walkspeed of 20."

"Comparing to standard Ninjas, hyper Ninjas start attacking you when they are within 45 studs in reach. Throwing stars will do 20 to 24 damage. Hyper Ninjas have a higher walkspeed of 27 and a higher jumppower of 70. They also jump more frequently."

Survival Tips

  • Consider that their attack is ranged and that they may catch you from far away. It is recommended to take cover behind walls or in a building.
  • Killing them with a Darkheart or is a good choice, but be careful with that: their high fire rate is likely able to surpass your health regeneration, especially in groups.
  • The wisest choice is to kill them with ranged weapons, such as the Golden Ninja Stars, or Lightning Staff if they are grouped together.
  • Hyper: Electric Ninjas spawn, so bloxxing them with a melee is not recommended since they are tougher than a normal ninja. Fighting ranged is the best choice.
  • Impossible: Shadow Ninjas now spawn, throwing shadow ninja stars that deal up to 36 damage each. It is recommended to blox them at a safe distance, or just completely avoid them.


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