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Neon Trooper is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2. It was introduced in Version 41.6 on weeks 2 and 4 of the Disaster Rotation Event. It was officially added in Version 41.62.


Neon Trooper is an enemy which flies around the map. It fires 6 colorful beams from its launcher which deals 20 damage each. When the timer reaches 8 seconds, it will fire a large beam which insta-kill players, similar to Neon Blaster's.

Hyper Neon Trooper

Hyper Neon Trooper moves and shoots faster, with a bigger final blast.


"Neon Trooper X ambushes the map! It'll fly a random spot to another. Once It Stops, it'll lock on to a nearby survivor shooting 6 quick laser beams. Each laser bullet does 20 damage, and cannot pierce through walls. When the round is about to be over, Neon Trooper X will blast a giant laser at a random survivor. The laser on contact is one-hit KO."

Hyper Memo

  • The same as the standard memo.


  • Neon Trooper was first discovered in the game files as Neon Trooper X when a glitch occurred in Version 1.33 where if a player grabbed a memo during the newly added Icicles disaster it would also unlock Neon Trooper X's memo.
  • The glitch was later patched in the following update, but players who collected the memo during that time still have its information today.
  • Neon Trooper emits a very quiet noise, similar to when you equip a Fusion Coil, but looped. You can hear it if you move your camera next to him or stay close to him.
  • Neon Trooper was revealed to the public in one of the Version 42 testing phases.
  • Neon Trooper will first occur in public servers on week 2 of the Disaster Rotation Event.
  • Also In Discord, Vyriss mentioned the Hyper Neon Trooper bullets have been nerfed in size so it is easier.


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