The Neon Laser Gun is a gear featured in Survive the Disasters 2. It was added in Version 1.28.

In-Game Description

"A gun that looks like it was made for a lightshow. Shoots fast, colorful beams that travel instantly. Headshots do 1.5x damage! [DAMAGE: 21/RELOAD: .36]"


The Neon Laser Gun has stats resembling the Crossbow, as it shares the unique trait of dealing 1.5x more damage on headshots. It deals less damage (only 21), but has a significantly quicker reload speed of only 0.36 seconds. As a result, it deals more damage per second compared to the Crossbow. Its shots travel instantly, making it a good ranged weapon against small enemies.


  • If one were to equip this gear with a Critical Aim, Bosshunter, and Damage Boost Orb (all of which are Legendary-tier), a single headshot would be able to deal 55 damage to bosses on average.
  • When shooting a destructible part with this weapon, it turns the part yellow, aqua, or magenta.
  • Parts that are glowing due to certain disasters (eg. Rising Acid) maintain their glowing effect after being colored by the Neon Laser Gun.
  • As of Version 1.39, the weapon's damage was buffed from 19 to 21.
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