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Neon Blaster is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2. It replaced Kamehameha in Version 39.


The Neon Blaster appears at the far end of the map. It'll slowly charge a powerful neon beam throughout the first seconds of the round. Such beam spawns from either left or right, and will move towards the opposite wall. The sound that accompanies the beam charge gives a general idea of when the blast will actually begin. The safest spots to survive the plasmatic beam are the corners closer to the Neon Blaster, as well as directly behind him. Speed and Fusion Coil, as well as an Epic Katana, can help traverse to a safe zone.

For the hyper variant, it is generally the same. The only difference is the blast duration - which occurs sooner and moves slightly faster - and its size.
As for the impossible variant, the blast occurs almost instantaneously and blasts corner to corner, making the only safe spot being behind the Neon Blaster, or you can jump over the neon beam.

Disaster Memo Information

"Neon Blaster launches a large deadly laser from a corner to a corner of the map! The corners left and right next to it is where its beam won't reach. Prepare yourself!"

"Neon Blaster launches a large deadly laser from a corner to a corner of the map! The corners left and right next to it is where its beam won't reach. Prepare yourself! Comparing to standard Neon Blaster, the beam moves faster and slightly is more elevated."

Survival Tips

  • It is recommended to use a Speed, Fusion Coil, or an Epic Katana, in order to run to one of the corners of the map.
  • If it is not possible to make to the corner in time, go as far as you can to the wall. Neon Blaster can't reach you on the side of the wall.
  • You can also jump over Neon Blaster's beam as an easier way to avoid it. This requires high structures and a well upgraded Fusion Coil.
  • Impossible: Immediately use an Epic Katana and get behind the Neon Blaster, while also avoiding the beam. This can be done by getting to the middle first and watch where the beam will strike, then moving accordingly.


  • Neon Blaster replaced Kamehameha. This change was done in Version 39 due to fear of copyright.
  • When the disaster was still named Kamehameha and occurred on Castle Gardens, the walls in the background could be destroyed. Since the change into Neon Blaster, this no longer happens.
  • Neon Blaster is one of the most difficult disasters to new and / or inexperienced players.
  • It is possible to survive all variants of Neon Blaster if you stand on the Neon Blaster itself.

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