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Murderers are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Four Murderers spawn from the enemy spawn points; they are all characters of developers on Roblox that created Murder Mystery related games: CloneTrooper1019, Nikilis, loleris and taymaster.
Murderers are three deadly elements packaged into one: instant-kill, perfect aim and fast movement. They will throw fatal knives at the nearest survivors, following them if too far away. Make sure you hide behind walls and buildings to stay safe. Murderers can be tricky especially if there are not many places to hide, as they are able to instantly kill you.

For the hyper variant, Murderers gain the ability to throw knives quicker and have shorter reload times. They also have faster movement speed.
For the impossible variant, Murderers follow the players more often and quickly, throwing the knives considerably faster. Murderers gain yet another ability: their knives ricohet onto nearby players if they successfully kill a survivor.

Disaster Memo Information

"CloneTrooper1019, Nikilis, loleris and taymaster attacks innocents! Their aim is dead-eye accurate, throwing instant-KO knives with decent range. Walls are your best friend!"

"Comparing to standard Murderers, they will throw knives twice as fast. They have a faster walkspeed of 28."

Survival Tips

  • Hide behind buildings, anchored and fixed buildings of preference.
  • Stay away from enemy spawn points.
  • Keep in mind that Murderers have perfect aim and instant kill.
  • It is not recommended for players to attempt to kill Murderers with melee weapons, as they are easily able to kill you with a knife throw.
  • Use the Trowel gear to your advantage. It creates a temporary wall that is able to block Murderers' projectiles.


  • Murderers are a direct reference to the various developers of popular Murder Mystery games on ROBLOX.
  • Murderers are able to hit each other with their knives. This makes it so players who defeated a murderer, that has been hit by other Murderers, will not gain any Bloxxer Award from it. This is an unintended bug.
  • Murderers's knives cause a complex bug that affects the current map behavior. As a knife attaches to a part within the map, after being thrown by a Murderer, it is able to stop any map scripts or effects, such as the rotating fan and gear in Wacky Warehouse, the outside flashes in Machine Madness, etc.
    • The reason behind this glitch is explained by the fact that, the knives themselves are treated as in if another map has been loaded in the game. Therefore, the "previous" map (map that is currently ongoing) has all of its scripts disabled.
  • When the round ends, the knives thrown by the Murderers do not disappear. They will remain attached to the map until the next map is chosen.
    • Knives left from the disaster will not kill a player if they touch it.
  • Murderers can be easily avoided if you're inside a building or structure.
  • Briefly, just before Version 41.7 was released, Murderers' aimbot broke and they could not throw knives. During this short time period, they provided easy bloxxer points.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fools 2018), the disaster warning was renamed to “murdnerers”.
  • Also during April Fools 2018, more of them spawned. They only targetted each other, rather than players. However, players could still die if they got caught in the crossfire.
  • The knives they throw are Bombo's Survival Knife models, which are starter knives in most murder-themed games.
  • Prior to Version 1.35, their health was 400 instead of 600. They also spawned in a group of 3 instead of 4.
  • Murderers are considered mini-bosses and can drop loot (coins and orbs) if killed.


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